Export to Google Takeout format?

Hey folks, I wonder if anyone knows if there’s a tool to take Arc exports and convert them to Google Takeout format. The reason I want something like that is so that I can use the Heatmap Visualizer, which uses Google’s format:



Google takeout exports in json which is one of the export options

It’s a different json format.

You can use this instead with the GPX files


Not the same but close enough for when I’ve wanted to visualize my travels

Hmm. The Google Takeout site doesn’t state any specific JSON geo data standard for their exports. If it’s a custom JSON format then it’ll be more difficult to prioritise it for adding to Arc itself. Though if it’s GeoJSON format, then that’s definitely on the todo list.

If it’s a custom format, then it’d be a good project for someone to add to the open source Arc Mini project on Github.