Visualize or access data from desktop or browser

Noob here. Is it possible to visualize or access data from desktop or browser?

Sometimes I find it easier especially when I’m already using my laptop.


If you have Arc’s iCloud Drive Backups turned on, then you will have a complete copy of your database on iCloud Drive, that you could use a third party app to visualise the data with. Though I’m not sure which apps currently support the Arc file formats.

Alternatively you can export individual timeline items, or entire days, weeks, or months to GPX format, from the options menu in the timeline view. GPX is a more common format, so there are many tools and apps that support visualising GPX files on maps.


In my case, export yearly gpx file, import it to gpx browser such as Ovital to review the whole year track on PC.


I personally use derive

It’s pretty clean, though I wish either it or arc had export by activity type to make it more usable

(lol matt, if you ever have time you can maybe contribute to the github :') I don’t know javascript unfortunately)

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I wanted to squeeze that into the next update (which is in the App Store review queue, hopefully going live today/tomorrow), but I’d already been working on the update for too long. It’s still high on my todos! Hopefully soon.

Thanks for the responses. However, my use case is more on reviewing my timeline so I can correct it. Doing all the exports and using 3rd party apps is cumbersome. I would have wanted to do the corrections natively.

Ah, unfortunately that use case is beyond the current technological limits. The amounts of data that would need to be moved between devices / synced over the internet are too much.

You can see the same problem in Apple Health app’s syncing between iPhones and iPads - it’s typically several days behind in syncing, and sometimes weeks behind. The HealthKit database (the database beneath Health app) is similarly way too big to be able to reliably and quickly sync to and from the cloud. Surprisingly, Apple are still trying anyway, but it’s a fairly consistent fail.

I do really want to make it happen someday. But before it can happen, something will have to change with the technologies, to enable much faster cloud syncing.

I understand now. Thank you for the response. And thank you for the app. It’s one of my most important apps

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