Import from MoveX

I am considering moving to Arc from MoveX (not Moves). I have exported my data (more than 5 years) from MoveX and have tried to Import to Arc using the File Importer. I am able to place the JSON files into the appropriate location in icloud (e.g. “Arc App/Import/TimelineItem”) and the Importer sees the file but I get this error: “The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.”

So, my question: Do you have some other method of importing MoveX data? Or reformatting the MoveX data for Arc compatibility? I do not want to lose my 5+ years of data so I’ll likely stay with MoveX if I’m unable to import.

Thank you in advance!!

Hi @gmartin200!

Wow, MoveX has been around 5 years now? Time flies.

Anyway, to your question: I’m not sure what format MoveX exports to, but unfortunately unless it supports exporting to the JSON format Arc uses for its backups, which is extremely unlikely, you won’t be able to import it yet.

I recommend voting on the feature request for importing GPX in this poll (assuming MoveX supports exporting to GPX format). You can also vote on the feature request on Arc’s Changemap site. Context: When deciding which features to focus on for each next release I compile a poll on this support forum based on a selection of the top voted requests on Changemap, as well as the highest voted features from the previous poll that I didn’t have time to get to in the previous release.

Hi Matt!

I actually have more than 5 years of data as I was able to import from Moves to MoveX.

The export from MoveX is JSON, and the Arc File Importer does see the JSON files I place at “Arc App/Import/TimelineItem”. But I get the error message from Arc: “The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.”

I can send you a sample JSON file exported from MoveX if that would be helpful.


Unfortunately JSON could be anything, in that it’s a language or notation like XML, CVS, etc, rather than an actual specifically defined data structure. So Arc would need to have an importer written specifically for MoveX’s JSON export data structure.

Though if there’s enough interest in that, I can certainly build it! I recommend filing it as a feature request on the Changemap site as a first step.