Exporting from the activity view

I’d like to be able to export the data relating to an activity view e.g. all my walking activity so far this year. Is there any way to do that or is it easy to edit the GPX output to include only kind of activity?

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Nice idea! There’s not any way to export only a single activity type to GPX/JSON yet, but I’ve added it to the todos.

Great, I’m doing a walking challenge for the year and this would make it way easier.

In the meantime, do you have any recommendations for a relatively simple tool to filter the GPX XML? I’ve manipulated XML before but am technical and willing to try!

For json filtering, look at GitHub - thoughtgap/arc-data-server: Data Wrangling with Web API for exported personal location records from Arc App https://bigpaua.com/arcapp

Doesn’t have gpx export though.

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