Transport type not retained after edit

My bicycle rides are usually identified as “Transport.” So I select the trip, and change it to “Cycling.” It turns blue on that screen, but when I go back to the main screen showing my activity for the day, the route is grey and it’s still identified as “Transport.” Sometimes it finally sticks after a few changes but other times it doesn’t ever display correctly.

Hi @kenficara!

There’s a couple of things that might be happening. The first being that the processing engine is still working away at stuff when you go back to the timeline view, so the UI might not have updated to show your changes yet. Because Arc records orders of magnitude more detail and data than previous or other apps of this kind, Arc has a lot more work to do, and sometimes the processing engine can’t keep up as quickly as we’d like.

You should see an activity spinner at the top of the timeline view (where the date usually is) when it’s still processing.

The other case where sometimes confirmed activity types get lost is a weird bug that I’ve been hunting for for over a year - when it’s the last trip item of the previous day. For some inexplicable reason, the last trip item of the previous day sometimes gets reset back to “Transport”, hours after you’ve confirmed it.

I keep going back to that bug and looking for clues as to why it happens, but so far haven’t been able to pin it down! Hopefully I’ll get it soon.

But yeah, the most likely case is that the UI just hasn’t updated to show your changes yet, if the processing engine is still busy working through things. In extreme cases, like when there’s long stretches of bogus/nonsense data due to the phone temporarily freaking out, the processing engine can get backed up for many minutes. Though thankfully that’s rare, but when it does happen you’ll know it - the timeline view will look like a mess, and will only gradually clean up over minutes (or even hours) as the processing engine tries to work through a massive backlog of data that doesn’t make any sense. But yeah, that’s the worst case scenario. In most cases you’ll see the UI update seconds later.


Thanks, Matt, for the quick reply. I have seen what you mean about the processing engine running through a complicated day and slowly cleaning up the timeline, but that’s not what’s happening here. I wrote the original post about an hour after editing a Friday afternoon trip to change “Transport” to “Cycling” for the second time. (I’d done it first on Friday evening.) It is still showing as “Transport” now, two full days after the first time I updated it, so it seems like it’s more than just a processing delay.

That was the last trip of the day, and so was the other trip that is stubbornly stuck on “Transport” so I think it’s an example of that bug you’re hunting. If you’d like logs or diagnostics let me know.

Ah yep, that’ll definitely be the bug I’m hunting then!

Unfortunately there’s no way to catch it in logs or even in detailed debugging. It’s a very sneaky one. But I’ll Sherlock my way to it eventually.