Edited section not updating as expected

I drove in my car to a recreation reserve so I expect the first part to show as ‘car’ and the second part as ‘walking’ but it’s all shown as ‘walking’. The app had captured it as nonsensical mixtures of car, transport, airplane, walking - so I edited each segment painstakingly to correct it to either car or walking.

Now it show differently depending on whether I’m looking at the map for the day or that time window. I’m going to add some screenshots and am looking for advice, please.

When viewing the day of activity it shows this as 11km of walking which is not correct.

When I tap on that 11km of walking, it shows as car then walking, as I want and have edited it to be.

When I look at the underlying data it seems to show me in a car and then walking/stationary. It’s a bit odd that I walked for a while without any stationary stops and then started having so many stationary stops but also I was getting tired so maybe my breaks were getting longer.

The point is that the car section is shown separately but when I zoom back out to a higher level and look at the entire 11km, it’s all considered to be walking.

I am confused.

Ok, I think I get what’s going on. The main key insight that could make sense of it for you is that the Timeline view only shows each timeline item as one single activity type, even if inside that item there’s segments of different types. So for example if a timeline item has a mix of car and walking segments within it, the timeline view will show either walking or car depending on which type took up more of the duration.

What you’ll want to do is go into the Individual Segments view of the item and tap on the car segments and then choose “car” from the list again. This will split those segments out into separate timeline items, showing them separately on the timeline view.

That bit of UI is unfortunately completely unintuitive. I improved on it in Arc Mini, by putting in an explicit button for “Promote to timeline”, and I really should do the same in Arc too. But yeah, changing the type of a segment will always split that segment out into a separate timeline item, even if you “changed” it to the type it already was.

From there the processing engine might decide to merge the segments back together. For example if there were segments walking → cycling → walking, and you correct the cycling segment to walking, it will first be split out into a separate timeline item, then the processing engine will say “that’s walking → walking → walking, so I can merge those all together into a single walking item”. But if instead you split that cycling out to car, or even cycling again, the processing engine might say “ok, that’s walking → car → walking, so I shouldn’t merge those back together”.

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Oh I should mention that this also explains why the timeline view map differs from the extra detail you see when viewing the map in an item details / edit view. On the main timeline view the map only shows one type per item, to keep the map easier to read. But once you tap through to the details of a single timeline item the map will show all the individual segments within the item.

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