Activity summary incorrect

The activity summary does not match the added activities of the day or is simply missing all together. Example: On March 30th I have 4 legs for cycling

  • leg 1: 6,6 km
  • leg 2: 14,2 km
  • leg 3: 7,6 km
  • leg 4: 7,8 km
    Summarized 36,2 km. When viewing the activity summary on the 30th it looked ok (I made a screenshot of the route, so I could see it was correct). Today I looked again and it gave me a cycling summary of 10,6 km. Some time later I looked again and the cycling summary was completely gone ???
    The Car Summary is off as well, btw. So it is unreliable and incorrect

Hmm. That sounds suspicious. Could you perhaps send me some screenshots? Either posted here in the discussion or private messaged to me, so that I can look for clues.

There is always a possibility of summaries being delayed in being updated. Though typically you will see them being updated while you watch, and see up to date numbers within a minute or so at most. For the numbers to get less accurate after being updated is unheard of. And for the summary to completely disappear is also unheard of.

The first thing I’d check is just a basic sanity check, to make sure you’re definitely comparing the same days on each tab, the same date ranges on each tab (eg day vs week vs month ranges), etc.

The activity summaries are directly calculated from the same data that you see in the timeline view. For example for cycling it goes through and adds up all the cycling items in that date range. Both timeline view and activity view are using the exact same object under the hood (a TimelineSegment object). So they’re building UI / calculating totals from the same data. Which means that the two views can’t have different results other than briefly while waiting the activity view to update.

So yeah… probably easiest if you send me some screenshots so I can see if I can spot any clues as to what’s going on. Thanks!

Hi Matt, thanks for getting back. Yeah, it looks like the wrong day showed up in the summary. What I did was, while in TimeLine view, go to March 30th via the calendar and press Activity from there. I expected the activity summary for that day to appear so I did not even look at the date shown in the summary. Now I see I have to select the calendar again from the Activity view. If I do that, it shows allright. Would it be an idea to start the Activity screen always on the date you’re on in the Timeline view ?

The catch there is you might be wanting to look at different days and date ranges, for example you’re wanting to look at last month’s activity summaries while looking at yesterday’s timeline.

But there is a workaround! If you tap the options button (the … button) on the timeline view, there’s “View in activity”. And vice versa there’s a “View in timeline” button on the activity tab. So if you want to quickly jump to viewing the same date and date range in the other view, there’s that.

I also did some experimenting after reading your post, and managed to get the activity view to temporarily glitch out, with my daily summaries disappearing before they’d finished updating. It started building the summary (the coloured activity type boxes appeared and showed loading spinners), but then when I came back a minute later they’d all disappeared. They did all reappear later, so it self corrected. But it looks like there is a way for it to temporarily lose the summaries, at least if they haven’t yet finished their first build/update. I’ll dig deeper and see if I can find out why.