Not learning the used transport

Everyday I mostly have a same route at a similar time but still everyday I have to adjust this unconfirmed items from transport to Car. Why don’t just select it as Car and I will change if needed but it’s unnecessary hassle. And weird sometime it take some of those transport as Airplane🤔

How long have you been using the app so far? Learning a regular route like that, especially for Car, typically only takes a few days at most.

Oh, one thing to keep in mind is that because Arc isn’t really allowed to do any heavy work in the background anymore, due to increasingly strict iOS restrictions on energy use, a lot of the type classification work isn’t done now until you bring the app into the foreground.

It used to be that Arc figured all that stuff out in the background, while it was recording. But with increased iOS strictness, a lot of it is now delayed until you bring the app into the foreground. So you’ll sometimes see trips still marked as “Transport”, but Arc will be working on classifying all the samples within those trips as you watch, and given enough seconds you should see the timeline items update to more sensible values shortly after.

In those cases, while you’re browsing around the timeline, looking at details views, etc, Arc’s classification engine (and processing engine) will be quietly working away at classifying and cleanup. So you’re likely to see trips that were seconds ago labelled as Transport suddenly change to Car (or whichever type is the best match).

Personally, in those cases, I still go in and correct them myself, because I’m impatient and perfectionist :joy: But if I don’t do it myself, Arc will get it done itself soon enough (typically a matter of seconds, unless it’s really long trips, but generally never much longer than a minute).

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