Swarm historic import

Does the swarm integration important all of my swarm history? If not, is there a way to do this with something like a csv export + import process?

Hi @sharkdarpel!

Swarm checkin importing is done on a day by day basis, and is triggered by viewing a day in the timeline view. So for example if you used the calendar to navigate back to some day a month ago, then when the timeline appears, Swarm checkins would be fetched for that day and applied to any matching visits in that day.

Oh, just looking at the code now, it looks like it’s also done for week timeline views. So that would be a faster way to get a large number of historic checkins imported - basically just swiping back in time while viewing the weekly timelines.

Caveat: The checkins fetching is only done when connected to wifi.

Interesting…something I’m also noticing is that it doesn’t seem like place information is pulled in, like the name of the location. So I have to go in for each one and set the name manually by searching for nearby places. Is that supposed to happen?

As for weeks, I’d have to go back ~500 weeks :smile: Is there some other way to accomplish this potentially?

Yeah I suspect this is due to some change in the API responses from Foursquare. It used to all work correctly, in that the checkins returned all contained a Place (or in Foursquare terms, a Venue) which could then be applied to the Visit in Arc, setting the correct place assignment.

But that at some point (I think relatively recently) stopped working. So my assumption is that the API responses aren’t including those details anymore. Though I haven’t had a chance to dig into the problem yet. And with the decline in the relationship with Foursquare recently, have also not had the motivation to.

But realistically, our historical Swarm checkins are still super useful data, so that bit of app functionality does need to be maintained. Which means I will (hopefully soon) look into it and hopefully get that fixed.

Unfortunately not. Although unless you’re using exported data for some task external of Arc, it’s not necessarily urgent to get all of the checkins imported? My typical pattern is to occasionally go back through the calendar to months/weeks/days long ago, and tend to the data wherever I find deficiencies, doing cleanup, correction, refinement, etc. As part of that sometimes soothing housekeeping process I get the checkins added as I go.