I can't see a way to search for a specific location

I can’t see a way to search for a specific location I have been to? I need to be able to search for when I was at a certain place and on what days. I use it for the amount of time I spent at a clients.
I have tried to connect via Swarm thinking that might be the answer, but unfortunetly it wont let me intergrate to swarm account, even though I can log in to swarm.
Is there another way to search like this?
Thank you.

Hi @ngage! On the timeline view, tap the ellipsis (…) button to open, then choose “Search”. From that view you can search for place names and activity types (eg “Starbucks” or “walking”).

You can also see lists of all visits to a place by opening the details view for a visit to that place then scrolling down to “Place Statistics”. In that section you can tap “Total visits” to see a list of all visits, or “Common duration” to then see lists of visits within certain duration ranges, “Common arrival” for lists of visits within certain arrival times, and “Common leaving” for lists of visits within certain leaving times.

What are you seeing happening here? The last time I reconnected Arc and Swarm it worked cleanly, but several months back when I tried it it acted strangely, not sending me back to Arc App after completing authorisation in the Swarm app / Foursquare website, but when I manually switched back to Arc it had succeeded.

I recommend fiddling around with the Swarm connection a bit. It might just be playing up and need a few attempts to get there. I’m not sure what the cause will be, but it is likely an intermittent problem that does self resolve eventually.

Aside: Connecting Swarm won’t change the search functionality in Arc. Foursquare places are still shown in results lists and assignable to visits and searchable without having to connect your Swarm/Foursquare account. The benefit of connecting them is in being able to do checkins from inside Arc, and having checkins done outside of Arc automatically imported and assigned to visits.

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