Restoring from backup question

Hello all,

I’ve had a myriad of issues restoring from my backup after my phone was replaced. It seems the only way this process is going to working is if I import each file manually via the file importer feature in settings. However, I have imported multiple weeks but then when I go into the calendar view I can see no evidence that these weeks have been imported (please see screenshots). I want to know what’s going on, am I heading towards a hiding for nothing, am I wasting my energy?

Any and all help much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @CJJ!

You’re definitely not wasting your energy!

That to me looks like the calendar view showing incorrect info, rather than the import failing. The imports screenshot showing ticks for each week is a very good sign, because it won’t show a tick unless the file imported completely, with no errors.

So yeah, I suspect what’s happening is the calendar view hasn’t updated, for some reason. If you swipe the app closed then reopen it, the calendar view will be forced to reload correctly (although the importer also forces it to reload correctly, so I’m not sure what’s going on there). But yeah, it very much looks to me like the calendar view lying, rather than the imports failing.

To give more context: The app caches a date for “earliest recorded data”, which it uses to know what days to show enabled in the calendar view, and also at what point to stop you from swiping back in time in the timeline view. That date is cached to avoid wasteful rechecks of the database, when most of the time it shouldn’t change.

But when importing data, that date can change, due to data being imported earlier than the last cached “earliest date”. So when doing an import with the File Importer or with the GPX Importer, that cached date gets cleared, so that it can be recalculated. In the case in your screenshots though, it looks to me like somehow that hasn’t happened.

Anyway, let me know what it looks like after swiping the app closed and relaunching. If it’s still not showing the dates as accessible, we can dig deeper. And rest assured, the imports and restores do work! They’re just sometimes tedious and cumbersome. But as long as the data is in the backup files (which it appears in your case it is), we can get it all back in place!