Swarm checkin is misplaced

I use Swarm and have the integration running

Arc keeps misplacing the checkin/place. It shows me the swarm integration logo next to the place, but (totally) misplaced it as if it were trying to put it on the map on its own without “external” help.

Hi @oschrenk! I’m not sure I understand what you’re describing. Could you perhaps post a screenshot to demonstrate?

Arc pulls in the checkins from Foursquare, then assigns them to the visits in your timeline that overlap the checkin time. If the visit in Arc’s timeline already has a confirmed place assignment, it won’t be changed to match the checkin. But if the visit only has an automatic place assignment, the visit’s place assignment will be changed to match the Foursquare checkin.

I keep seeing this too. The places where I checked in are showing in middle gray color in the timeline and next to them is the Swarm logo, but the name of the place in the timeline is unrelated to the check in. So it looks like the check-in data is not actually being used.

Oh wow. I’ve never seen that before. That certainly should be impossible. If you get a chance, please do catch a screenshot of it! Though your description is clear enough, having a screenshot will definitively confirm it, and probably help me to think through what’s going on too.

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Sure! It really is not much to look at:

Thanks! So… the place that you checked in to is different from the place name being shown in grey on the visit, yes?


Check-ins used to show up correctly in the timeline but some time ago it just stopped working and I kind of assumed that was for some reason by design. Probably since about a year ago.

Really?! They always do that? That’s… very unusual. I certainly haven’t seen that before! I’ll dig deeper.

Yeah the places are just the gray street addresses, with the swarm icon next to them.

Ironically, today I had a check in and Arc seemingly recognized it, and the place is named the same as the check in, and the text is black.

Also, if you need any data from me to help you debug, let me know.

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I’m encountering the same issue. Occasionally, ARC accurately assigns locations based on my Swarm check-in, but at other times, it’s completely off. I’ve observed that if there’s a previously confirmed location in a nearby area, ARC tends to default to that location rather than relying on the Swarm check-in. Moreover, when multiple locations are in close proximity, only one appears on the timeline.

Arc also doesn’t handle issues for when the name of the venue changes (in Swarm).

I think that issue is in the same area as the original topic.

Arc does pick up name changes from Foursquare/Swarm. It updates its local copies of the names whenever new place results come back from Foursquare, which is every time you open the place change view. So it should update immediately.

But what I suspect is happening is name updates are happening in one of Foursquare’s now separate two databases, and that database isn’t the one that’s being provided to Arc. I’m going to be having words with Foursquare about this, amongst other issues.

I also suspect the new problem of check-ins not getting assigned to Arc visits is due to this “two separate Foursquare databases” issue. Previously when Arc fetched check-in information from Foursquare each check-in came with the details of the place checked in to. But I suspect what’s happening now is … well, is that that place information isn’t there. Arc will know that there was a check-in, but not know to what place. Hence the old check-in handling code that worked reliably for years is now not working.

Anyway, yeah, this is going on the long list of issues I’ll be taking up with Foursquare shortly.

More of that from yesterday, still won’t use the check-in data

Oh, and sometimes (today for me) the check-in is completely absent from the timeline.

Today, I checked in into this pizza place, in swarm, and when I later went to edit the visit the place wasn’t in the list at all. Would this have smth to do with google places ≠ Foursquare database?

It shouldn’t… Checkins get assigned to the Visits rather than the Places, so they don’t care whether the Visit has an auto assigned Place that came from Foursquare or Google. But something is clearly going wrong with checkin importing at the moment, so there’s digging to do. I suspect what’s happening is the checkin data coming from the Foursquare API isn’t including the Place details, like it used to.

I’ve nudge it up the todos again, so it doesn’t get lost.