Subscription fee currency?

I downloaded the latest app version today and it looks like it’s no longer possible for me to use without a subscription, because as soon as I open the app I am required to choose a payment plan.

Perhaps this is a naive question but can I please confirm the currency for payment? I am guessing it’s USD but figure I should check since I’m in Australia with AUD and there’s a significant difference due to exchange rates. I don’t remember the last time I purchased an app (maybe 6-7 years ago) so I don’t even have personal history to help my aging memory. :grimacing:

Yeah, unfortunately the app has had to go subscription only. Foursquare have started charging for use of their Places API, which is what powers the places lists, and it’s very expensive, so it’s not possible to offer any part of the app for free anymore :disappointed:

It’ll be the currency of the App Store you’re using. So if you’re on the Australian App Store, then it’ll be AUD.

And you’ll almost certainly be on the Australian App Store if you’re Australian or living in Australia. Unless you’ve previously jumped through hoops to get an App Store account for a different country. (I’ve done this for testing purposes in the past, as well as when living in other countries, and it’s a bit of a nightmare, so won’t be common).

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Thanks @matt

I decided to bite the bullet and become a lifetime subscriber. In what I assume to be a weird coincidence, my app accuracy has dropped dramatically. I travelled by car last night and it was not captured at all, while my walking today has been tagged as cycling. I do walk fast, but that’s the first time it’s happened repeatedly.

Perhaps the paid version is just getting to know me. It learns over time, so hopefully it works out that I am quick. :smiley:

I’m definitely on the Australian app store. I had to move the kangaroos out of the way to make the purchase.

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Thanks! The lifetime option really is a good deal, I think, given it’s an app that gets used for years on end.

That’s weird. Hopefully just a coincidence. If anything, the new version should be much more accurate and reliable. Are you also using Arc Mini? Having that alive too can help to avoid data gaps, in the rare occasions where something goes wrong with Arc.

No, I’m not using Arc Mini, and not really sure what that does (or how to get it). The app was running the whole time (ie. it didn’t notify me that it had stopped), and I am wondering whether it was perhaps just updating daily / weekly / yearly data (I had another post about that). Maybe not - it’s the only travel it’s missed so far and it was within a couple of hours of upgrading so I am writing it off as a weird concidental glitch until it happens again.

The cycling-instead-of-walking issue has continued though, and almost all my walking is flagged as cycling. Has there been any change to the sensitivity of the maximum walking speed? Perhaps I am exceeding that which makes it think I am cycling?

Given this thread has diverted significantly from its original intent, I’m going to make a new one about the issue.

Consider this thread closed. :smiley:

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