Optional higher sub tiers

I think it’d be great to be able to pay more than the current subscription options allow.

I purposely do not go with the lifetime sub because $140 is a laughable amount of money to pay for software that needs ongoing maintenance/support (even just to make it work with the current iOS version), so I pick the 6mo sub. What I’d do if I could is a recurring monthly sub with perhaps a self-selected amount, or smth like a $20/mo predefined sub.

I have data in Arc going back to 2013, and there have been times I wanted to dig up one day to see where i was - and I was able to thanks to Arc.

Software is hard, maintenance is hard, and keeping the commitment to keep it going is really hard. I would love it if more people recognize that and the effort a person has to put into this.

Thank you, Matt.

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Thanks so much for your support @diversario!

I do recommend the Lifetime option though. Yeah, it does kind of work out as too cheap over the longer term, given many people have been using Arc for 4+ years. But there’s also people who have stuck with monthly subscriptions for all that time, and that really adds up (some even over $350 by now!), so it evens out in the end.

Right now the removal of the free tier is going really well - much better than expected. (Though I am also getting the expected flood of nasty 1 star reviews, but that was unavoidable). So I’d actually like to slightly reduce prices in future, if possible! But will have to see how it pans out over the coming months.

Thanks again!