Cycling Is Always the Activity

Every time I walk it categorizes the activity as cycling. I can’t figure out how to prevent it, and it does not seem to be learning when I constantly change it. Any thoughts?

Hi @IV640!

How long have you been using the app in the area you’re currently in?

Typically the activity type models will learn quite well with only one or two days of corrections, for a particular region/neighbourhood. And those corrections also get added to the country level and global level models, so that it gets more accurate for you even when not in a familiar area.

When the app is first installed, all three levels of your own models (neighbourhood, country/state, and global) will be quite limited, so the app uses a fallback model which is a copy of my own personal global model. So if your own models haven’t built up much data yet, that cycling it’s detecting could well be the classifier thinking “this looks a bit like Matt’s cycling”.

As more data builds up in your own models, that fallback model gets used less and less, until eventually it’s ignored completely, and it’s making choices purely based on your own data. I would expect that within one or two weeks of using the app, that fallback model should be having almost no effect on the results.

But yeah, basically as long as you’re correcting the mistakes, it will be learning, and will get more accurate quickly. It’s just a matter of whether it’s a few days or a week or two.

If it’s been longer than a week or two and it’s still making repeated mistakes, something will be going wrong! In which case we’ll need to dig deeper, to find out why that’s happening.

Oh just for 2 days! I will keep correcting it and let you know if it learns! Thanks!

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Hi Matt -

I paid for the $119 permanent license but it still says I only have an annual license and the app tells me that I have two subscriptions in a warning banner. When I go to iCloud > Subscriotions it tells me that I only have an annual.

Can you fix this for me? If I was charged for the annual and then just charged the $119 forever license, are you reconciling that on the back end? Is this something I need to call Apple about to fix?


You will want to tap on that one and choose “Cancel Subscription”.

The Lifetime purchase won’t show up in the Subscriptions in your phone’s settings, because it’s not technically a subscription. But if Arc is saying you have both, then it’s definitely aware that you have the Lifetime purchase, so it’s safely there and active.

Apple don’t give developers any control over (or much visibility of) those things - it’s all controlled by them. So for example Arc can’t cancel a subscription, only you can. Which is why Arc warns you about having a still active subscription, but can only guide you towards cancelling it.

It’s a bit of an annoyance, in that Arc can’t gracefully transition you from subscription to Lifetime! Arc can only tell you what to do next. I wish there were a smoother way to manage that.

Also, if there is a mistaken subscription charge and a refund is necessary, only Apple can do that, and you have to contact them about it. I have no way to be involved in that process.

If a subscription renewal happened only recently, and you’d already purchased Lifetime, I’m pretty sure Apple will grant a refund. Though if the renewal charge happened a while ago, I suspect they’d deny the refund.

My instinct is that Apple only refund for recent mistakes, to avoid allowing people to get refunds for later regrets. The difference between “Oops, I meant to cancel that!” and “I paid for this and used it for several weeks, but now I’m not liking it”. One is a genuine mistake, and the other is trying to game the system. So in your case, if a renewal has been recently charged, you’d think they’d do a refund without fuss.