Translation proposal

Hi guys,

I guess this is a long shot but I’ll try. I have mid term memory loss and sometimes for the life of me I cannot remember where or why I’ve been.

Your app ticks all the boxes for me - offline with icloud backup, privacy focused, beautiful ui

At the moment though I really cannot afford the lifetime price. As I don’t really like getting anything for free, let me know if I can help you in any way, including translating your app in Italian, my mother language.

Thank you.


Hi @michele93!

I too suffer from memory loss, which was one of the motivations for building Arc. I’m glad Arc suits your needs too!

If the Lifetime option is too expensive for you, the next best deal is the yearly subscription. Though really I recommend most people to go with the Lifetime option, given most people end up using Arc for many years, so it works out the best deal by far, in the long run.

For translations, so far the only parts of the app that are translated are the activity type names. Getting the rest hooked up for translating is high on my todos, but I’m eternally swamped and behind, so I don’t know when I’ll get to it.

The activity type translations are located here.

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