Splitting a segment UX

I’m trying to split a segment but unfortunately the point of split is hidden under the ‘back’ icon (see screenshot.) Doubly unfortunately, I can’t move the map position because that opens it into fullscreen mode and then it snaps right back to the fixed view when I go back to the controls.

Might be more useful to have a zoomed view around the current split point?

Possibly also helpful to distinguish the two halves of the split visually - when the split point is anywhere in the top left quarter for me, it’s basically invisible because of the overlapping tracks of the same colour.

UI could indeed be improved here.

You can work around the issue by splitting the segment multiple times and select an activity type with a different colour (e.g. car) at first (for visual separation), and then correct this one later when you’re sure the split is fine.

Hi @zimpenfish!

What I tend to do is tap on the map to go into full screen, then zoom in to the split point, to see it up close. Though in your screenshot I agree it’s trickier than usual, due to the split point being under the back button!

The tweak you suggest has been on my wishlist for a while too. I think what would work best is for it to be zoomed out most of the time, but when you tap the nudge buttons or move the slider it should zoom in to the split point, to make the nudging/sliding easier. Then once you’re not nudging/sliding for a second or two it could zoom back out again.

I also often do what @more suggests - doing multiple splits, and using an obviously nonsense activity type for some of the splits, to get a very obvious colour differentiation, and to make it easy to see which segments are “work in progress” (due to being an obviously wrong activity type, such as airplane).

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