Split segment looks difficult

I have this view, which looks wired:

And when I want to split it it looks like this:

The time is wrong somewhere, can this be fixed and how?

Ok, I think what’s happening there is there was a data gap, which has been merged over. Basically from 11.07 until 8.33 (is that 12 hour time?) there were no samples recorded.

The segment split view starts out by separating the data into two equal duration segments. So if for example you’re splitting a 2 hour segment and more data was recorded in the first hour than the second, there’ll more more samples on the left side than the right. In the case in your screenshot, no data was recorded in the right half.

What I would do would be to change the very last sample of the left side to be stationary. That would give you a stationary segment that starts at the end of the walking (11.07) then ends at 8.33.