Iterate segments and splits

When dealing with splitting up segments, it can often be really difficult to get the correct segments to find what you want to split, so I have a big wish for 2 buttons to iterate forward and backward to previous an/or next segment, when you’re on the shown page (see attached please)
And now we’re at this “chapter” anyway, I’d be so happy, when in split mode, an iterating forth and back on the splits that is was more clear, which “end” belonged to which- if you can follow me.
Added a very simplified example, which I think explains it quite well.


Yeah that makes sense to me. Good idea!

Great - I look forward to it :blush::+1:

Yeah, I would love to ! :+1:

Any ideas when this can come true?

It’s only a fairly minor change, so as long as there’s no surprise difficulties I could get it into an update soon. If I don’t mention it in the next forum poll for features for the next release, do remind me!

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Here is the “reminder” :upside_down_face:
Did you manage to fix this?

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Not yet! I wanted to get the next release submitted quickly, so I didn’t put a lot of things in it. (I submitted it to Apple yesterday, so it should be arriving soon).

I’ve still got this on my todos in the “Today” section! Though the title of that section is a bit misleading :wink: It just means “stuff I should look at maybe doing today, if I get a chance”.

I apologise to hijack this post, but have a question about splits.

I often use Split to add a place of a short visit that hasn’t been recognised by Arc.
It’s quite tedious because I have to do two splits. First I have to find a segment of the place and split for example Car to Car and Cycle. Then I have to do another split of Cycle to Stationary and Car.
This Exercise if mostly needed when no stationary circles are available in the map that I can use to add a place and always after confirming activity type when details get lost.
Have you thought about automating “Extract a short Stay” at this location?

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That’s a brilliant idea :+1::+1:

In addition to this subject.
When a split is being made, and when clicking on one of them, then auto-zoom into what has been selected to speed up the process, not like now, where nothing changes, when selecting one of them - except colorizing (with a bad color) the section in focus, but when as small as in this case (please see attached), no details can be seen until much closer zoom has been made.
Please auto-zoom this process.

There’s already a feature suggestion for that :smile: Here you go: Insert Visit | Arc App on changemap

It’s also in the current poll: What would you like to see in Arc App v3.13?

Not sure I understand what you mean in this case? When you tap the nudge buttons the map will automatically zoom to the split point.

Here I mean, when I click on the button “Second segment” it doesn’t zoom, but manually zoomed to what’s shown on the last picture

Hmm. I disagree with this one. I find it better to not zoom in that case, because I want to understand which part of the overall segment it is, which zooming would make more difficult.

For example if I walked to and from the convenience store on a north-south route, such that there’s two walking items in the timeline, both following the same route, when I’m in the Split Segment view for one of them it’s more difficult to conceptualise which is the first and segment part of it. On the walk to the convenience store the first part might be the top half on the map, but on the walk back it’ll be the bottom half.

I often tap into the type change view for each part not to change the type, but to see it highlighted in context of the whole, so that I can get a sense of which part is which.

I do follow you here, but my issue is different, as when I begin to slide to change the length of each section, one get shorter and the other gets longer (for obvious reasons :blush:).
Now - at a certain point the shorter gets so short, that I can’t see it anymore, as it now hits to the details to hit the right spot, but I can’t follow it anymore due to it’s so small in the bigger picture.
Now I need to click on that small section to get the details, but it doesn’t help until I physically zoom a lot, before I actually can see it…
At this spot auto zoom would be really helpful.

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Hmm. I’m still not following. Why not use the “< >” nudge buttons at that point, to nudge one sample at a time? Those buttons make the map auto zoom to the split point.

Ahh - now I finally got you on your point :+1::+1:
This is first time I actually see this in action - awesome :ok_hand:
See - I’ve always used the slider, which don’t do the same- why not btw?
Could be just as awesome :sunglasses:

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When you’re using the slider you’re moving the split point much faster - it’s quite difficult to only move it one sample at a time, especially with longer items. So the auto zoom would jump around quite dramatically / chaotically.

With the nudge buttons you’re adjusting the split point only one sample at a time, so it’s workable to nudge a single sample, see the changed zoom/pan, then nudge another, making it much more workable / less chaotic.

You’ve convinced me😊

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