Split segment display

When I split a segment that used two different transportation modes, it displays properly when viewing the segment but in the overall timeline and on the map it shows as only one mode. Attached you see the segment view labeled “Walking” with the modes displaying properly (it’s mostly metro). On the main map this segment shows as entirely green.

Hi @kenficara!

This is intentional. On the main timeline view each timeline item is shown on the map only as its primary / most common activity type, in order to stop the map from becoming too cluttered and unreadable.

So if for example 80% of a trip is classified as “car” and 20% as “bus”, it will appear as only car on the main timeline view. But then when you tap through to the item details view you will see all the individual segments within the item shown on the map.

If you want to have the metro and walking shown separately on the main timeline view, you can go into the Individual Segments view and tap on either segment then “change” its type to the type that it already is (eg tap on the walking segment and “change” its type to walking). That will force the segment to be split out into a separate timeline item.