Problem with split function

When I make a correction with the split function it is not saved correctly. In the ‘split’ screen it looks ok. Then you tap the green save ‘tick’ and you have to click ‘back’ a few times. Then the whole segment is changed to the new transport type you used for the second segment.


But when you click on the changed segment it will show the correct colors for where you made the split. So on the total overview it shows green for walking. When you click on the segment it shows a small part green for walking and a large part brown for train which looks ok. But the whole segment is counted as walking. Maybe this extra info helped. This has happened before.

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Hi @WimN!

When you’re on the main timeline view, the map colours trip items with a single colour, even if there are multiple segments inside that item of different types. When you then tap through to details view of the trip item, you will see the map change to show the individual segments inside item.

This is to avoid the map on the main timeline view getting too cluttered and confusing.

If you’ve split up a segment and want one of the parts split out as a separate trip item, then after you’ve done the split, tap on the newly created segment in the list, and assign it its chosen time again (even though it’s already the correct type, by this stage). That will force it to be split out as a separate timeline item.

That final step is incredibly non-obvious, so in Arc Mini I made a special button for it, labelled “Promote to timeline”, to avoid having to do this magic “assign it the type it already has” thing. But the effect is the same either way - the new segment will be split out as a separate timeline item, and will then appear on the main timeline view, both in the timeline list and on the map.

I hope that helps to explain!

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the explanation. I’ve tried and it worked but not sure why… I have to try it a few times more to get it ‘in my fingers’. Maybe the extra button would help.

Another thing that would make it much easier to use the split function is to zoom in on the map when you want to position the split. You have the nudge button but it is sometimes so small on the map that you do not see what you are doing and when you tap the map to zoom in you lose the split function.


Strong agree! I think that’s everyone’s immediate suggestion / want upon using the splitter, including my own. So it’s high on my personal wants and todos list too. I find myself constantly tapping on the map then zooming in, to see what’s going on.

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