Remove and replace private locations

I seem to have accidentally created two Home private locations in the app. I am unable to figure out how to delete or merge the duplicate location. The process for renaming a private location is also unclear. Yesterday, I managed to append “2” to the name of the second Home location, but that change did not save properly. After some trial and error, I was able to name one “Home” and the other “Home 2” so I can distinguish between them. Some of my private locations display as gray, orange or green, and I am uncertain what those colors signify. How can I consolidate these Home locations to simplify things?

Additionally, while exploring the tracking capabilities, I created a “Home Mailbox” private location to track my daily walks to check the mail, as I was uncertain whether small walks around my home property should count as stationary or not. I have since decided my Home location should be stationary at all times. Therefore, I want to delete the Home Mailbox location and have those short walks ignored as well.

Place Merging was added in an update recently!

  1. Tap on a visit to one of the places you want to merge, then scroll down to “Place details”
  2. From there, tap the more/ellipsis button, and select “Merge places”
  3. It will then show you a list of places that overlap the one you’re looking at
  4. You then get to pick which name you want to keep

This will collate all visits to the places into the single place you chose to keep, and update its stats, location, radius, etc.

You could use the Place Merge view to do this too, if you like. Although personally I like to keep those small places just outside the house, as they do often end up being useful data. For example I keep places like “Home bike rack”, “Condo lobby”, “Hotel reception”, etc. They become useful for things like adding notes, eg “Went down to meet the delivery guy”, “Chatted with reception about late checkout”, etc.

For the short walks being ignored, I suspect if you merge the mailbox place into your home place, the short walks might also get merged in, on the basis that the two places combined create a larger place radius, which should encompass the walks. Though that merging of the walks won’t happen until you navigate to each day’s timeline, as timeline processing like that is only done when viewing the daily timeline views, to defer energy expensive processing until you’re actually looking at the data in question.

For samples recorded inside visits, eg while at home, how the classifier decides to classify those (eg walking or stationary) will be up to what you’ve taught it based on previous confirms/corrects. So if you like to have all data inside the house be classified as stationary, then the classifier will learn that from your edits and do that automatically in future.

There’s a convenient shortcut for that kind of cleanup: the “Clean up segments” button, from the more/ellipsis menu on Item Details view and Edit views.

If you tap that button on a visit, it will offer to convert all the samples to “stationary” (which will then subsequently train the classifier to know that’s how you like them at that place).

If you tap that button on a trip item, it will offer to convert samples to primary type, leaving alone samples that have already been confirmed as some other type. So it’s a quick way of saying “yeah all of this was walking”, when the classifier had already determined that overall the item was walking, but might have classified some short inner segments as something else. Not a necessary step, but sometimes a nice little data housekeeping tool, to tidy things up quickly.

Note that if you do want to preserve some bits of walking inside visits, the classifier will also learn that too, if you explicitly confirm/correct those segments within the visits. So for example if I’m staying in a hotel where the reception area isn’t far enough from the room in terms of horizontal metres, such that having a separate “Hotel reception” place doesn’t really work, I can still use the Split Segment view from the Individual Segments view, to explicitly classify the bits where I walked to and from reception, while still keeping them inside the Hotel visit. And the classifier will learn from that.

That last one can be a bit obsessively over the top, but sometimes I find it useful, depending on the place. Like, it allows me to preserve small details that will later jog memories. Like from the Individual Segments inside the Visit I might be able to observe, “oh I remember I walked down to pick up a delivery, so it must’ve been at 3:20pm, because there’s a brief walking segment shown there”.

Thank you. I figured out how to merge the two home locations. The next task is to remove the Home 2 private location so it doesn’t show up as an option. How do I go about doing that?

I am still thinking on keeping the mailbox or not as a location. Is there any way to move the map pin on a private location? As my home and mailbox have been recorded in the app there isn’t much buffer space between the two of them for Arc to detect them separately. The pin for my house looks ok, but the mailbox one is too close to my home so I feel if I can move it further away to it’s proper location I’ll get better logging of walks and visits between the two.

Hm. It should’ve been deleted automatically. When you do a Place Merge the place that wasn’t chosen to be kept has all its visits reassigned to the keeper, and is then deleted.

If it’s still hanging around… I’m not sure what that’s about. Can you search for visits to it, and see if it’s showing up as still having some visits assigned?

Place centres are calculated automatically based on the samples recorded inside visits assigned to the place. If the centre is sitting too close to Home, then it might end up being one of those places that isn’t quite separated enough to be useful for keeping separate.

Although now that your phone is recording real time location at home, that location data could change. Depending on how many days you’ve been recording for, your phone might still have some self improvement to do. iOS will be refining its understanding of the location data, improving its accuracy based on wifi hotspot triangulation mixed with GPS data, so typically in the first few days at a new place the location data shoots up in accuracy and detail, then over the next week perhaps gradually improves a bit more.

So what might look like a place with unusable data in the first few days can end up looking quite refined soon after, due to iOS’s own internal learning.

Arc also does its own indoor learning over a similar initial time period. Although that learning is more aimed at dealing with aberrant data (or in Arc terminology, “bogus data”), rather than refining the fine grained accuracy. Arc’s “Trust Factor” system learns to distrust drifting location data in places where the data consistently skates about over a wide area instead of settling down, thus reducing the risk of incorrect “wake ups” and wasteful energy use while in that building.

Which segues to the thing I was getting to in our other discussion! If the “Individual Segments” view for a Home visit looks particularly messy, it’ll mean one or both of those systems (iOS’s wifi hotspot triangulation, and Arc’s Trust Factor system) haven’t got as far along as they should yet, and indoor location data at that place hasn’t properly settled down yet.

I didn’t think of searching the timeline. Before my search it showed up as an option, but after the timeline search it came up with nothing and disappeared completely. Maybe it was a caching thing that search cleared up.

Yeah I think so too. That shouldn’t happen, but … Arc is shuffling around often many gigabytes of data (my database is I think over 5GB now), so there tend to be a bunch of shortcuts in the database management code. Lots of “this’ll get cleaned up later by something else”, to avoid burning energy on something less important when it’ll eventually self correct during a schedule background task or some such.

In the case of opening the Search view, I bet the search view saw some empty/detached visits in the results, and decided “what’re those doing here? those should be deleted already. k, I’ll delete them now I guess” :smirk: