Arc App v3.12 is live!

Release Notes


  • Moved Place Details to a new separate Place view
  • Added a “Merge places” feature to the new Place view
  • Added a “Convert moving to stationary” feature to Individual Segments view
  • Added surfing activity type, and ability to import surfing workout routes

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved header layouts and scroll behaviours on some views
  • improved workout-route matching logic when importing workout routes
  • Fixed imported workout route items not fetching some Health app data
  • Fetch hourly weather data for timeline items as short as 10 minutes
  • Immediate Place details updating if Place has few visits
  • Correctly import swimming workout routes
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it’s crashing for edit place. I’ve send you a email with video inside

I’ve been waiting for Merge since I got Arc App.
I tried merging some places but I’m not sure I’m OK with the results.
Maybe I missed something but is there a possibility to move the center of the place to more exact location and edit the radius?

I think it is not clear which place will merge into which place.
When I choose a place and select Merge, it says: This will merge [Place X] with the chosen other place.
Does that mean [Place X] will be replace by [Other place] → Place X will merge INTO Other place
or [Other place] will be replaced my [Place X] → Other place will merge into Place X?

I suggest that you change the wording of explanation to be exact.
According to my tests it’s working the wrong direction. The chosen Place X is lost into Other place.
I would rather see that other duplicate places be sucked into my selected place.

Please advise.

@matt really need some quick fix!

Both are the same. There is no direction - it’s a merge, meaning that the two are combined. When you select a place to merge with, you get asked which place name you want to keep, but regardless of which you choose all visits to both places are assigned to the one place that you chose to keep the name of. Whether you chose one or the other, both would end up with the same visits assigned, and subsequently the same centre and radius. Really the only thing that is “kept” from the one you chose to keep the name of is the name.

Place centre and radius is defined by the assigned visits and can’t be edited manually. When the place’s stats are updated the updated centre and radius are calculated based on the weighted centres of all assigned visits. If the place centre is incorrect it will mean that some visits have been assigned to it that shouldn’t be, thus throwing off the centre.

If you want to fix the centre of a place you need to find those incorrectly assigned visits and reassign them to whichever place is more appropriate.

@o1x I’ve started a new thread over here to work through the bug. Thanks!

glad to see the merge feature. I was trying to merge visits to a park for which there are 4 or more names. for some of them, nothing happens when I select a merge entry. perhaps in some cases, such is disabled or something else is going on?

perhaps place names everywhere could use a secondary label indicating address? for example when searching and perhaps merging too, places could be some store with locations in multiple cities. an address I think would greatly help.

Do you mean when you select one of the places in the list, to merge with that place? So you don’t see the menu coming up, asking you which place name to keep?

There’s also a different confirm menu that can appear, if both places are private places and both have the same name. That menu simply asks you to confirm the merge, without choosing which name to keep (because both have the same name).

I’m eyeballing the code now, and can’t see any obvious issues with either code path. Will definitely help to know more details!

This is actually a new feature in this release! For the Place view there became space available for a subtitle on the view, suitable for showing the place’s address. So now whenever a place gets updated it will fetch the address and store it. You won’t see it in the Place view for a lot of existing places, until those places get updated. But eventually you should see it there for all places.

For merges it won’t be helpful because the Place Merge view will only allow merges with places that overlap each other. But for search, yeah, definitely! I should’ve thought to add that already. I’ll add it to the todos now.

Oh wait, places don’t show up in search results yet - that’ll be why. But the main point of adding this new Place view was in preparation for the highly requested Places tab feature, which is possibly what I’ll be focusing on adding in the next update. As part of that, it certainly would make sense for places to show up in search results too. Nice.

sounds great.

As far as some entries not allowing merge, it is in the merge list where some places do not respond to a tap. they merely flash after tap as if something’s happening. perhaps I have multiple places that are actually the same location but with a different name? I’m not sure. For this one, it is a community park and recreation center that may have multiple names, locations, buildings, etc. not sure what is going on.

As far as views for timeline overview and places, I’m not sure what i think. overall perhaps i’d like one view similar to Calendar list and Fantastical. Infinite scrolling with similar font sizes and row heights such that i can scroll through such as with calendar to get an idea of previous visits of the past few days weeks or more. perhaps in such a view there could also be an indicator such as font color to indicate unconfirmed. perhaps the map could be swipe collapsible a la Fantastical to allow more screen space as one is scrolling through the list as maybe a list with city names is sufficient sometimes and I don’t need to see the map.

not sure overall how such could be. yet i am thinking mainly of how to scroll, search, view details, edit, etc. all activities in a way similar to and as easy and familiar as calendar apps. whether that is a good idea who knows but i think so. perhaps too in any view where one can long tap on a place, another entry could be show all visits. perhaps too long tap for a place in some place or in search also could have an entry goto day such that in some cases the view type remains but merely navigates to day. maybe too show in maps like Calendar app if one wants directions?

If in some cases timeline and overview user overlap and whether they could be rethought of as one view with different options, not sure. It is merely that i think Calendar app and Fantastical as they are designed perhaps are the most useful way i can think of and perhaps are indeed considering their popularity, as the primary goto way of seeing searching and navigating a timeline.

out of the calendar apps i know of, perhaps Fantastical is the nicest as far as being compact and data rich: row separator only between days, header with time period, and address as sub-label. as far as being unconfimed, perhaps an small icon that may double as favorite in various views? of that, i think finding unconfined places is a bit inconvenient as i may have many over the years and having them show up in any view plus search could be helpful.

if a good idea or not also who knows, if Arc app were in many ways similar to a calendar app, perhaps it even could be one and then it’s popularity could significantly grow? maybe a basic calendar as free with places or other as subscription? not sure but just merely started thinking of Arc as potential calendar. perhaps in some cases they do overlap and for example there could be some option to collapse movement activities such as driving walking etc. and show mainly a list of places with time location date?

sorry for the jumbled random thoughts. :slight_smile: as far as a list entry, maybe something like Fantastical indeed is the most compact and rich e.g. maybe the place type icon eg home shopping laundry etc could be leftmost and the vertical line isn’t needed. of the movement data between places for example in timeline, maybe such can be condensed to icon for movement type, maybe shown similarly to place, and maybe with some left padding similar to a quoted paragraph in a book? to easily scroll through a long list of places whether in day week or other and easily and compactly view and scroll.