Arc Home location

Hi, how do I please set the home :house: icon for my home location? Thanks :pray:

Hi @sxlange!

As of now, unfortunately you can’t. Though a good feature request / new feature would be to be able to choose icons for our private places.

I’m not sure if that’s in the Changemap feature requests yet. Lemme check… yep, there it is! Custom place icons | Arc App on changemap

Definitely worth voting on the feature request there. The more votes, the easier it is to justify working on it sooner rather than later.

Oh, aside: If you live in an apartment building or something that might already be in the Google Places database, you can get the home icon (hopefully) by using that place as your home location instead of using a private place. If that is there, and you do use that, make sure to use the Place Merge view to merge your private place with the one from Google Places, so you don’t end up with discontinuity in your statistics etc.

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Thank you very much for your detailed answer, and the provided information, much appreciated. :handshake:

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