Home location data

I am having issue setting my home address.
Initially I didn’t realized there is way to set home from unconfirmed place so I just set is a private place and now it consider home as visits. So when I realized today I try to set as home but it took my nearby neighbour home as My home so I thought let me just delete and hope app will start from scratch. But even after turn off iCloud and uninstall reinstall app still have old private place data. How can I start from scratch?

There is no one to help in so called support forum for my question related to how to set home location so it doesn’t record as visits!

Hi @Scorpio! The support team is me. I am also the developer of the app. Just me. So when I take time off, that means support is also taking time off.

For Home places, they are just normal Places the same as any other. There’s nothing special that Arc does with places marked as Home. (Marking somewhere as Home simply creates a new private place for it, the same as if you created a private place yourself).

Then what was that option I saw in edit places to set place at Home. Issue was it took my neighbor address as Home and no revert back so I had to delete history and redownlod the app but I don’t see that option anymore. Show home as visits doesn’t make sense. Specially all those analysis are Wasted like common visit times for home!
I hope you improve this.

Sorry, I’m not understanding what you’re saying.

Home visits are visits. You visit your house, just as you visit anywhere else. You stay there for a period of time, and that builds up statistics.

Arc’s timeline is made up of two kinds of items: Visits, and Trips. When you look at the timeline view, scrolling down, you see Visits, and between those Visits you see Trips (eg walking, car, etc).

Every Visit has a Place associated with it. (Unless you set a custom one time title, eg “Stuck at traffic lights”).

Your “Home” place is a Place, the same as any other. Your Visits to your Home place are the same as Visits to any other place (eg a Visit to “7-Eleven”). In your timeline you might see “Home -> walking -> 7-Eleven”. That means “Visit -> Trip -> Visit”, with the first Visit having your “Home” Place assigned, and the second having your “7-Eleven” Place assigned.

Looking at my own Home place (by tapping on my current Visit, at the top of my timeline view, because I work from home), I can scroll down to see “Place Statistics”, which shows things like “Total visits: 1567 (689 days)”, “Common arrival: 17:46 - 18:40”, etc.

At the top of the Visit details view, I see “Visit Details”, which are details for the specific visit that I’m looking at (ie right now, because I’m looking at the Visit for where I am right now). It tells me Calories burned, Steps, Altitude, Workouts, Sleep data, etc.

All of that “Visit Details” stuff is for the Visit that you are looking at. Further down the details view is the “Place Statistics”, which is for the Place itself, thus takes into account every Visit to that Place (ie every time you’ve been at Home).

I hope that helps to explain!

To further clarify, these are the object types that make up timeline items:

  • Visits
  • Trips
  • Places

Visits and Trips

These are “Timeline Items”, meaning that they go together to form the sequence of events for your day. eg “Visit -> Trip -> Visit -> Trip -> Visit”. These is what you see in the timeline view as you scroll down. And when you tap on one of them, you are taken to either a “Visit Details View” or a “Trip Details View”.


Places are things like “Home”, “7-Eleven”, “Tesco Supermarket”, “Barry’s House”, “Thanakarn Bank”, etc.

Places are assigned to Visits. When you tap on the Edit button on a Visit Details View, you are taken to the Place Change View, where you can choose a different Place to assign to the Visit.


Visits and Trips have statistics for that individual event. For example the duration of the Visit or Trip, the start and end times, calories burned, altitude graph for a Trip, etc.

Places have statistics that accumulate over all Visits assigned to that Place. For example total visits, common duration, common arrival time, common leaving time, average calories, etc.

Thanks for the very detailed answer. It definitely cleared some clouds.

I am still wondering what was that “set as Home” option I saw in the edit place menu( as attached) which I never see after. Even icon of place was house icon( in the place of second picture)

Thanks anyway.

About the “set as Home”, that’s purely there because so many people kept asking for it :joy:

I had the option of either spending the rest of my life explaining to people why there isn’t a need for such an option, or I could just put in a button for it and be done with it :smirk:

That button does have one small convenience benefit, in that it will automatically create a new private place called “Home” and assign it to the visit, if there isn’t already a place assigned to the visit. But otherwise, it’s exactly the same as just creating a new private place yourself.

Someday I’d like to satisfy another related common feature request, which is for special statistics for “Home” and “Work” and “School” places. But given the existing statistics we already have for any kind of place, public or private, there’s not a pressing need for anything more yet. So it never floats close enough to the top of the priorities list for me to look at starting it. And to be honest, I’m not sure I have any good ideas what extra statistics would be worthwhile anyway :smirk:

I got you but the problem is that it just showed up once and than it never showed up to set my location as home…

Ah yeah, once there’s a single place marked as Home in the database, it doesn’t show the option again. I guess it’d show up again if the previous Home place was deleted from the database, but for that to happen every visit to the place would need to be assigned to a different place. Either way, there’s not really anything gained from it. It’s pretty much a Placebo Button :wink:

As mentioned earlier that it shows up once in my first few days of use and messed up with my neighbours address my home and not deleted and keep showing same as home so I had to delete all data/account/app and started from scratch again so I don’t have any location set as your “placebo” Home.