New app: Life Balance

My new app, Life Balance, has just gone live on the App Store! Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The iPhone and iPad version is available now, and Mac version available hopefully today or tomorrow, pending App Review approval.

The app’s goal is to be a super simple time tracking app, for both productivity related activities and health focused activities, such as work, study, exercise, meditation, reading, or anything else you want to achieve a healthy balance with.

If you’re already using a time tracking app or service, Life Balance possibly won’t be of much use to you. Its purpose isn’t to replace or compete with existing services of this kind, but instead to be suited to a style of time tracking that has worked best for me personally.

For the past 15 or so years I’ve kept track of my daily time in monthly spreadsheets. Those spreadsheets evolved over the years, from being purely for tracking billable time as a contract worker, to eventually encompassing many of my daily activities, having formulas to tell me what to spend time on each day, what to take a break from, and how I’m doing overall. Life Balance app is that spreadsheet rebuilt as an app.

If you find it useful, I’ll be very happy to hear! But if it’s not for you, no worries. I’m expecting it to have only niche appeal, given the market for time tracking is already more than saturated. It’s very much an app built because it’s what the developer (me) wanted for themself, then put on the store because maybe someone else will find it useful too :smile:

I’ve also created a new forum category for it here:

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