Manual or automatic

Is logging in this app automatically done or manual?

Hi @devilicious!

There are a few automatic logging options. If you go into the “Edit activity” view for an existing Activity, or tap the plus button at top right to add a new Activity, you’ll see a field for “Auto import”.

The current supported ones are:

  • Apple Health exercise (the Exercise minutes you see in the Health app)
  • Apple Health mindfulness (the mindfulness minutes you see in the Health app)
  • Apple Health daylight (again, the daylight time you see in the Health app)
  • Toggl Track (auto importing of time logged in the Toggl Track service)

For the Apple Health ones, those all come from things you might record with an Apple Watch, or some other wearable. If you record workouts on the Watch, those will automatically go into the exercise minutes and get added into Life Balance’s daily totals. If you record mindfulness sessions on the Watch, again those will go into whichever activity in Life Balance you’ve configured to use that. For daylight time, the Apple Watch records that automatically for you each day without you having to do anything, so that one is the most automatic of all.

Other Activities that you add, without an “Auto import” setting, will require manual logging in the app. So for example I have one for Study, then whenever I do 5 minutes of Duolingo, I go into Life Balance and tap the “Log time” button in the Study activity’s view, to note that down.

I’d love to add more automatic import types! But so far I haven’t found ways to auto import the other things I want to log personally. For example Amazon Kindle doesn’t provide any way for me to fetch reading time and auto log that into Life Balance. Ditto Study, which I’d love to auto log from Duolingo, but can’t.

There’s probably a bunch more activities out there that can be auto logged though, so if you’ve got any that come to mind, I can look into it!

Here’s an example of my own data from yesterday, all of which was auto imported. Work time imported from my time tracking in Toggl Track, Exercise time auto imported from Apple Health and Daylight time again auto imported from Apple Health.

And here’s one similar, but also with a little bit of manual logging, for my Duolingo study of Indonesian (I really need to study more!).