Emotion correlations

The reason I tried to get this is so I could use correlations between My emotions and things like sleep exercise diet sunlight sex symptoms and vitals so I can find out how to improve my emotions. Apples new mental wellbeing feature logs emotions pleasant-unpleasant and activities. I was hoping this app could find correlations between these and the rest of the health data

Hi @Parallel!

I was hoping this app could find correlations between these and the rest of the health data

You and me both. I actually built the app specifically to look at correlations with medications. But it turns out Apple don’t allow us access to medications data, and they’ve continued that closed off approach with the new mood logging too. Quite frustrating.

It’s incredibly valuable and useful new data types that they’ve added in the last few iOS releases, but then chosen to lock them off completely, so that no third party app (or you either) can do anything with them.

At this stage our only option is to protest to Apple, requesting that they fill in that significant missing feature in their HealthKit APIs.

As soon as Apple make that data available, I’ll be shipping a This & That update that reads it!

Aside: I’m just finishing up a new major update that adds p-values for all calculated lags, and Granger causality calculation for selected lags too. So while we can’t yet add more breadth and data coverage, we can at least look deeper into the data we do have.

I’m also planning on adding more visualisations, to give us more ways to look at the existing data.

I might have a workaround for that. Do you know what the ex callback URL is for the Health apps mental well-being section is?

Not sure what you mean there. Health app doesn’t have a server side component - it’s all done on the phone.

I am working on an Apple shortcuts app shortcut that navigates to the emotion logging section of the Health app then takes a screenshot and grabs a text from the screenshot to log the information into the app. An x-callback-url can be used as a deep link to open the app up directly to the state of minds all data button and does it that way

Aah ok, screen scraping! That’s quite a workaround :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure that the Health app actually has any deep links? Or at least, I’ve never seen any documented, nor anyone having found any undocumented ones. Have you found any yet? It would definitely be helpful to have those.

I’ll work on finding them

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