Arc 3.9.0 is almost live! What would you like to see in the next release?

  • Ability to import GPX
  • Improvements to Dark Mode support
  • Weather data shown on item details views
  • Add Arc Mini’s debug views to Arc App
  • Ability to import Arc JSON format
  • Improvements to workout importing
  • Custom activity types
  • Integration with This & That app
  • Ability to import Gyroscope data
  • A Places tab similar to the Activity tab

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I’ve submitted Arc 3.9.0 to the App Store, so it should be live in the next day or two. Now it’s time to think about what to focus on for the next update!

I’ve included in this poll all the highest voted features from the last poll that didn’t make it into 3.9.0, plus a bunch of things highly voted on the Changemap site.

Arc 3.9.0 release notes

Fully rebuilt charts

  • Heart rate chart is now colour coded by heart rate zones
  • Speed and altitude charts show both points and line, to communicate the data noise versus the trend over time
  • Histogram views for common speeds, visit durations, and visit arrival and leaving times are now displayed as horizontal bars, to better accommodate histograms with many bars

Other bits

  • Cleaned up the “Sleeps” section on item details view, with it now showing totals per sleep category (eg in bed, deep sleep, etc)
  • Fixed the annoying bug that would kick you back to the timeline view while trying to do cleanup edits in the Individual Segments view
  • Fixed Activity tab summaries incorrectly including duration and distance amounts from “bogus” items
  • Fixed the calendar view not respecting the system setting for first day of week
  • Significantly reduced the amount of nonsense moving type segments inside visits

Oh, here’s This & That app, for those who haven’t seen it yet.

The integration would be the ability for This & That to build correlations between your Arc App data (eg time spent at places) and your Health data, and also for Arc to be able to display This & That correlations inside itself (eg “spending longer at this place correlates with lower daily average resting heart rate”).

For more “Places” functionality, very often when I revisit an area where is was before (e.g. coming back to a holiday location), I would like to have some way of easily seeing previous visits and trips, either on a map or in a list. A bit similar to the detail view for a place where you can see previous visits, but on a larger/area scale.


Hey thanks for the update, what I am missing the ‘sleeps’ section, I can’t find it in my app

Hi @Vickyjc! Make sure Arc has permission to read Sleep data, in Settings app → Privacy & Security → Health → Arc → Sleep.

Once Sleep data is available to Arc, you’ll see something like this in your home visits each day, with the Heart Rate chart coloured to indicate the sleep session, and a “Sleep Data” section underneath.