Lifetime Subscription and Family Sharing

Hi, I am a happy user of Arc Timeline who have experienced a two-week trial and would be more than willing to purchase the lifetime plan for this app. However, I am just wondering whether the subscription can be shared with my parents who are also included in the iCloud family group with me. Can you please clarify this as I have only two days left in my trial period before I have to make the purchase. Thank you so much in advance and have a nice day!

Hi @quanghuyvu!

Unfortunately I created the Lifetime purchase option using an old App Store feature called “non-recurring subscriptions”, that Apple have since given up on. So they never added support for Family Sharing to non-recurring subscriptions. Frustrating!

I’m eventually going to replace the Lifetime purchase option with … well, whichever App Store purchase type makes the most sense. In my other apps (This & That and Life Balance) I think I’ve done it as a “consumable”, and those support the option of Family Sharing.

But yeah, until I get around to doing that, unfortunately Family Sharing isn’t yet supported for Lifetime purchases.

Although once I do get that done, I’m intending to offer an upgrade path to existing Lifetime purchase owners, so that they can get Family Sharing enabled without another purchase. I’m not sure when I will get to doing that (I’m quite behind on my todos!), but it is the intended goal, so you can hold me to it!