What would you like to see in Arc App v3.13?

  • Calendar import
  • Custom activity types
  • A Places tab similar to the Activity tab
  • Ability to import GPX
  • Ability to import Gyroscope data
  • Improvements to Dark Mode support
  • Integration with This & That app
  • An easy way to extract a visit from within another item
  • Shortcuts support
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Arc App v3.12 is now live! It ticked off a few requested features, including a couple from the previous poll. Now let’s work out what we want the focus to be for v3.13 :smile:


What is the Gyroscope import? What kind of data can br imported?

@o1x Gyroscope has a timeline recording feature similar to Arc, so there used to be a lot of demand for an import feature, for people wanting to move from Gyroscope to Arc.

I guess there might be other kinds of data that Gyroscope collects, that might be worth importing into Arc at some stage (assuming Gyroscope has an accessible API). But for now the goal would be simply to support migration from Gyroscope to Arc for recorded timeline data.

I should mention that “An easy way to extract a visit from within another item” refers to this feature request. I also brainstormed some further ideas for it somewhere in a discussion here. I really should find that and link it as well, to stop it getting lost :thinking:

Can I add “Add Hiking Activity Type” to the list? :wink:

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Sorry, just realized that this is covered by Custom Activity Types… :+1:t3:

Hah. Technically yeah, it could be covered by custom activity types. Though you’ve made a decent case for adding Hiking as a built in type anyway. And I just now found Apple’s SF Symbols icon for “figure.hiking”, which would do nicely as the activity type icon. I’ll get it added shortly!

Custom activity types is my absolute #1 feature I’d love to see; I have activities scattered over the years that I’m patiently dying to finally categorize correctly :sweat_smile:

I’d love for the map to zoom to segments while they’re being individually edited, and not just split.

I’d appreciate seeing a trip speed graph when reviewing unconfirmed activities, and not just after they’ve been “confirmed.” A speed profile could help you to rule out certain activities when you can’t well remember how you actually moved in an area that you frequently move through differently.

And I’d love to see the one-time visit (and all naming) option(s) for stationary points within an unconfirmed trip (and not just when selecting from timeline view). I saw you replied to my earlier reply and are already looking to handle it!

I’ve made a changemap suggestion for each of these, assuming that’s the best way to go about it.

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Definitely the best. Thanks! I’ve voted for all of them myself :smile:

Here’s links for anyone else who wants to vote for these: