Workout data not used


Thanks for this beautiful app!

My only issue is that workout time is not used: I log swimming workouts manually in the Health app, just adding the minutes, without logging a distance.

Apparently this data is not available in This & That to use for correlations (all permissions are enabled), although it would be really interesting to see how it correlates to e.g. Body Weight.

„Distance swimming“ does seem to be available, but as I said I don‘t normally enter the distance and am wondering if it‘s possible to use the workout minutes for correlation.

Is this an Apple Health limitation or something that could be added to This & That?

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Hi @fnord! Thanks for your kind words :smile:

Aah, I see what’s happening. Yeah, the distanceSwimming type is in the config but not the workouts type. I’ll add the workouts type to the app’s config too.

Well, except… I can’t find it. That’s weird. There doesn’t seem to be a data type specifically for workouts. But there has to be, otherwise where is that view in the Health app saving/loading its data from?

Aah, ok, so the API docs say:

The HKWorkout class is a concrete subclass of the HKSample class; however, they behave somewhat differently than other sample types.

You don’t need a specific type identifier to create the HKWorkoutType instance. All workouts use the same type identifier.

Ok, so, I can’t fit this in with the existing code that handles all the HKQuantityTypes. It’ll need to be some new code specific to this special case, similar to the sleep session importing or mindfulness importing. I’ll add that to my todos to get done.

In the meantime, you could work around it by also logging “Exercise Minutes” for your workouts in the Health app. A bit tedious, but it’ll at least get the data in to This & That, until I can get the special case workouts importing going.

Hi @matt , thanks for looking into this and putting it on the todo list!

I‘ve checked your suggested workaround but I don‘t see an option in the Health app to enter Exercise Minutes manually. I guess this is only designed for automatic logging by an Apple watch.

So I can‘t use this for now, but glad to hear there‘s a solution on the todo list now :slight_smile:

Oh wow, yeah that’s weird. They’ve intentionally removed the “Add Data” button for Exercise Minutes! I can’t imagine why they’d want to do that. They’ve even got the button there for highly algorithmic things like Cardio Fitness (VO2Max). An odd decision.

Hmm. Now I can’t think of another fallback type to use… Logging a distance would be too tricky, because that’s really not something you can accurately estimate. And really the only other data type that gets logged with workouts is Active Energy Burned, which would be next to impossible to estimate and log manually. We’re cornered.

Ok, I’ll make sure workouts get added in the next This & That update for sure. I’m due to start working on an update soon, after I get the next Arc App update shipped, hopefully in the next week or two.