Crash on a specific day

I found a day that I cannot view at all because Arc immediately crashes on it. Doesn’t seem like it’s Crash on Visit Edit view in v3.12.0 since I can’t even start to edit anything in that day. Running latest Arc.

The day works in arc mini tho. There’s a lot of “transport” segments due to some weird way (I think) the GPS was recording in Singapore, where I was in a hotel but Arc recorded dozens of movements, see the image below. Should’ve been all just one long stay.

I cleaned up a nearby day, and then looked at the hotel segments, huge mess, seems like! Is it too many segments maybe?

Ok I used arc mini to collapse all those “transport” segments into one visit and it loaded in Arc.

I wish there was a way to bulk-select segments in the main timeline and assign them.

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Wow, that’s a nasty mess!

No idea why Arc is crashing on it. Arc’s timeline view will self limit what it loads, if there’s too much data to safely display. So it shouldn’t be a memory thing.

Are you running the iOS 17 beta by any chance? I’ve noticed significantly less reliable / trustworthy location data in the last few beta builds. Which is fairly typical for iOS betas - it smooths out shortly after the final public version ships.

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Nope, running the latest iOS 16, nothing special.

Oh, that data is from October 2022, so it was likely a new iOS 16

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Hmm. I’ll have a hunt through the crash reports on Crashlytics, to see if anything is showing up there. Hopefully something will stand out…