Extract brief visit crashes

See video

Yeah I’m getting these crashes too.

Weirdly, they’re not showing up obviously in the crash logging, even though sometimes I get them pretty frequently.

Hopefully I’ll find the cause before the next update ships.

Perhaps the cause hasn’t been found yet. I’m also getting frequent crashes with such. Somewhat often I may have some period marked as driving yet there is a few minute stop which is perhaps interpreted as a stop light. Trying to extract then the locations show up but often crashes when selecting.

Yeah I’m still getting the crashes too.

I definitely found and fixed one of the crashes, because it was showing up as the most common crash in the crash reporter, and then after the fix shipped it disappeared.

But there’s clearly still one more crash in there, because a bunch of us are experiencing it, but isn’t showing up clearly in the crash reporter so is proving harder to find.

Hopefully I’ll find it soon! It certainly deserves an award for being both the most annoying and most obvious common crash yet also the hardest to find!

For me at least I can select and edit the number of points

The issue arises only after selecting a point; sometimes I can even go back to the timeline and see the timeline but the moment that I expect the points to be reassigned to a place it crashes

The thing is the extracted place almost always shows up after the crash so I think it’s something with how the timelines are being recalculated after extraction, there’s probably a divide by 0 error somewhere

Yeah I’ve been thinking similar. It happens the same for me too - it crashes a split second after the timeline view reappears. So it’s presumably not really a crash in the Extract Visits view, but a crash that the view causes. Somehow. And a div by zero would certainly be plausible!

Right now the most common crash is … oh wait! A crash on the ExtractViewModel has floated up the list, and it looks promising! I’ll hopefully get a chance to dig into it today. Fingers crossed.

This view certainly has been the weirdest in a long time for mystery crashes. I suspect it’s exacerbated by the interplay / interop between UIKit and SwiftUI. Hopefully soon I’ll be get a chance to port the main timeline view over to SwiftUI, so that the app isn’t constantly switching between UIKit and SwiftUI.