Crash on Visit Edit view in v3.12.0

@o1x I’ll start this new thread for dealing with the crash you’re getting.

From your video it looks like it’s happening from the “All Visits” view, when you tap on one of the visits in the list. Is that right?

Also is it happening for all Places, or just that one specific one? So far I can’t replicate the crash here, which makes me think it might be particular to some set of conditions (that we’ll need to figure out!)

Thanks for letting me know! Let’s figure out what’s going on :wink:

Wait no, I was looking at the wrong video. I’ve got too many screen recordings in my Downloads folder :joy:

Ok so I see it’s actually when you tap EDIT on the Visit details view. Hmm. Ok. So the second question is still valid though: Does it happen with all visits? Or just that one? Or just visits to that specific place? Or some other combination of factors?

Yes, all places. Once I clicked Edit button and it will goinside and crash

@matt click confirm place will go in to the place view and crash too

I get a crash thst happens at a specific location

When I go into that stationary point, and try to either confirm it or change it to a different location the list makes it crash

I should also note I’m in iOS 17

It happens at this specific spot outside Boston’s children museum in the screenshot

Also for some reason South Station Terminal (MBTA / Amtrak) - Boston, MA

Is now called “south station Garage (propark)” and I can’t rename because it’s a foursquare location. it looks like the field getting pulled in from foursquare might not be entirely correct

Oh forgot to mention, I’m on iOS17 too,

@matt do we have any chance to fix this? I already have several unconfirmed place. and when time past, I cannot even remember the exact place name

I forgot to mention in the release notes, 3.12.0 now uses Foursquare’s new places database (what they call their “v3 API”), which is the result of their merger with some other company. It’s supposed to result in a more up to date and comprehensive places database, but I’m not entirely happy with the quality.

I figured Arc has to switch over to their new database eventually, so might as well get it done and deal with any issues, giving feedback upstream to Foursquare on any quality issues we find.

So yeah, if you can’t find a more correct Foursquare place to change those visits to, it’ll be best to feed the complaint back up to Foursquare. Ultimately they’re going to have to be the ones to resolve these kinds of database issues.

@o1x I’ll have to find the cause of the crash first! As soon as we figure out the cause, I can fix it quickly and ship an update.

So both of you are on iOS 17. Though so am I, and I’m not seeing the crash… But it still could be a factor, so I’ll keep it in mind.

I’ve had another report of it happening on private places. @o1x @Hutima are either of you experiencing the crash on a place that’s come from Foursquare? Or is it always private places you’ve added yourself?

Though I wonder if the issue is actually unrelated to the place, and instead to do with the Foursquare results loaded into the list. From the video it looked like the view was succeeding in its initial load, then crashing a moment later, which might mean it’s crashing once Foursquare results come in. Hmm.

It’s something to do with place names when loading from the foursquare list

It’s likely there’s an invalid character or something in a place name

—video removed—

The initial station name from foursquee is fine but when I load the other list it crashes to the menu

How do I give feedback to foursquare because the place name on the website looks fine?

Hmm, yeah, if it’s crashing on places list in that view too (which is a separate view / code from the confirm/edit view), then really does seem like it’ll be something in the Foursquare results causing the crash.

It’ll possibly be some other place in the list, rather than the actual one you’re looking for. It might not even be the place name - it could be some other metadata coming back from the server. Arc 3.12.0 uses the new Foursquare database / API, which means the server is sending back differently formatted data. There’s likely some case I’m not handling correctly there.

Ok, this is helpful stuff! I can probably figure it out today, and get a quick update submitted. Phew. I’ll get hunting in the relevant code now…

Sounds good I’m deleting the video now since it has my name

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Found it!

The new Foursquare API can potentially return multiple centre coordinates for a place result, with the most important one marked as “main”. Arc is taking it as a given that this “main” centre is always there. But sometimes it isn’t. Bam. Crash.

Just inspecting some Foursquare results, I’m seeing interesting things like “roof” and “drop_off”. Actually sounds quite cool. Though I don’t see any direct uses for it yet in Arc. And the problem of the “main” centre being missing entirely seems like a bug on Foursquare’s end. But anyway, I can work around that easily, so I’ll have a new build submitted to the App Store shortly :tada:

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Glad to hear! Thanks!

@matt One more thing. The export workouts to Health is forever Saving. (Although it seems saved, cause I click back and go again and can see the health workout.)

Hm. Curious. I’ll have a look into that today. I haven’t touched (or used!) that code in ages. Maybe something’s changed on the iOS side and I need to update the code to accommodate.