Arc Mini Export

Hi @matt

Is it possible to export monthly data out of Arc Mini?

Arc has stopped working for me and the backups only seem to go back to October.

Hi @dmitrym!

In what way has Arc stopped working for you?

Arc’s backups are only performed by Arc App, not Arc Mini, which will explain why the backups aren’t up to date, if you’re not using Arc App anymore.

Not at this stage, though I’ll note it down as a feature request to consider for a future Arc Mini update.

Hi Matt,

Arc launches, presents me with the splash screen and the “continue” button. When I tap on continue it crashes.

Am I correct in assuming that a subscription required for monthly backups anyway?



What is the content on that splash screen? Tapping Continue certainly shouldn’t crash. Do you have Arc App updated to the latest version?

Yes, or lifetime purchase. The backups system is currently only available in Arc App, and Arc App requires subscription or Lifetime purchase.

Hi Matt,

I don’t see the “update” option in the App Store, so that’s gotta be the latest version?

Splash screen attached:

The latest version as of today is Arc 3.8.2. It requires iOS 15.6 or above.

So the app is crashing when you tap Continue on that button in your screenshot? That’s not something I’ve heard of before, so I don’t know what that will be. But you can get past that step of the onboarding by going into your phone’s Settings → Privacy & Security → Motion & Fitness, and making sure Arc has it turned on. That will get you through to the next step of the onboarding flow.

My guess would be that @dmitrym is using an older iOS version than 15.6 and maybe the recent changes (either the subscription requirement or the database/server-side changes) around the app made the older version of the app unusable now.

Also I think that without the functionality of the main Arc app and no backup feature, more raw/activity/location data export options would be necessary (even if not automatic just manual) to make Arc Mini an actual free alternative for only recording location/activity data.

I wondered that. But Arc Mini has the same iOS 15.6 minimum requirement, so it’s not possible to upgrade one such that it triggers a database migration that the other can’t support. There’s also no server side changes with recent releases (or any releases in probably a year or more - the server side is extremely minimal and doesn’t change much, if at all).

Providing a free alternative isn’t one of my goals. We live in a capitalist world, which means anything I do for free comes at a cost to me - I’m paying for other people’s free use of the apps, both in time and in server costs etc.

Arc Mini’s main purpose, for now, is as a secondary recording engine to run alongside Arc App, to reduce risk of data gaps due to unexpected app terminations. It happens to have a full UI partly because that’s what Apple require for apps on their store, and partly because I wanted to experiment with doing a fresh ground up rebuild of Arc’s UI using only Apple’s newest UI frameworks (ie SwiftUI).

The people who are paying for the continued development of Arc Mini are the people who are paying for Arc App. Which means if some non-essential functionality already exists in Arc App, it doesn’t need to also exist in Arc Mini.

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