Arc not working after latest update and subscription


I have recently updated (and signed up for a subscription for) the Arc app on my iphone 8+ (ios 16.2) and it doesn’t seem to be tracking anymore, nor can I see any of my previous data. When I open the app it show an empty timeline for the current day and if I try to navigate to previous days it just shows a continuous spinning (‘loading’) wheel. My phone says it contains 78(!) GB of Arc data, but I can’t access any of it. My icloud account only shows data in the Arc folder from after I updated. Can you please help? I would especially like to access my historical data…


Same, I’m encountering no functionality too

Hi @Annie! Apologies for the late reply - I just got back from vacation.

First step is to make sure you’ve got recording turned on, at the bottom of the Settings tab.

But it sounds like there’s a data corruption problem going on, given viewing previous days is showing an endless loading spinner. So there’s likely going to be some fairly big steps needed to take to fix the problem.

Likely what will be necessary is to delete Arc from your phone (and Arc Mini, if you have that installed), to remove the database, then restore the database from backup. Though before you do this you will want to ensure that you have a recently completed backup with Arc’s iCloud Drive backups feature.

You can check for last backup completion by looking in the “Backup, Import & Export” view in Arc’s Settings tab. The “iCloud Drive backups” section will say when the last backup was completed.

If you do have a recent backup completed, then we can move to the next step. Which will be to manually restore from backup after deleting Arc (and Arc Mini). The manual restore instead of automatic restore is necessary because we’ll need to step through week by week, to make find where the bad data is. Doing an automatic restore will just restore the data corruption back to where it was. But doing it week by week we can check each week’s data in the timeline view, to ensure it’s all mostly sane before proceeding to the next week.

Once you’re ready to take on the manual restore process, let me know! I’ll walk you through it.