Can't backup my data and daily exports

Daily exports stop at November 11. It’s still not working after switch the button to reopen the function, Plug in my phone with Wifi, No mater how long I keep the App in screen. I need help here. Thanks so much.

Version: 3.4.3
OS Version: iOS 14.3

Hi @caohrong! Apologies for the late reply.

The auto daily exports and the backups system both rely on iOS giving Arc time to do its jobs each day. Unfortunately if one or both of those tasks gets too far behind, iOS won’t give the app enough time each day to catch up.

I recommend turning off auto daily exports for a while, until the iCloud backups have caught up. Then turn back on auto daily exports, once Arc doesn’t have a backlog of work to do anymore. That way it’ll be able to more easily keep up to date each day.

It’s so glad to see the Arc 3.5 solved all the backup problems, while in my device Arc seems only focus on backup things, the daily/monthly export still not work after February. I kept foreground/plug to power/ Wifi for several days.

@hutudaxian Yeah unfortunately it’s a bit one or the other. The daily/monthly GPX/JSON auto exports take up a lot of background task time that iOS allows Arc to have, and so do the backups. So if you’ve got both turned on it’s likely that one or the other will fall behind.

The backups are also made to run in the foreground, to avoid having to wait for iOS to allow Arc some background task time. But I haven’t yet adapted the daily auto GPX/JSON exports tasks to also be able to run in the foreground. They’ve fallen a bit by the wayside, especially so given that the new backups system uses almost the same JSON export format. (Though it splits timelines up into more separate files, for different object types, rather than the daily exports which collate them into single timeline files).