Daily backup and GPX export

I have iCloud Drive back up option turned on since i used Arc, and I just checked the option. Arc said last backup was 27 days ago. Is Arc backing up my data? I switched over from my old iPhone 12 Pro Max to 14 Pro max on Oct 24. It looks like it never backed up?
In addition, the daily GPX export, the last export is 4 days ago. And i definitely have movement in the last four days. How can i fix this? Thx

Hi @charco!

Yes, Arc will be doing the backups. However it won’t have been able to finish a backup in 27 days. So some (probably most) of the backup data will be up to date, but some of it not.

You can check on the progress of the backups by looking in the iCloud Drive/Arc App/Backups/LocomotionSamples folder, and checking for missing week files, and “last modified” dates of the existing files. The “last modified” date is when Arc last backed up the samples in that week file.

If the most recent week file (this week’s file is 2022-W45.json.gz) has a last modified date of today or yesterday, that’s good news, and means the backups are very close to up to date.

Basically what’s happening is Arc asks iOS to run the a background task for the backups each day, then iOS chooses when it wants to run that task, but also chooses whether it wants to let the task finish or not. So for the past 27 days iOS has been stopping the backup task before it finishes, which means the backups get partially updated but not completely updated.

Arc will also run the backups task when the app is in the foreground, if the task hasn’t been able to complete in more than a day. Arc will do this when the phone is plugged in to power and you’re not moving (ie Arc’s recording engine is in sleep mode). So to trigger a backup, plug the phone into power while you’re at home, then bring Arc into the foreground. To help the backup task keep going, you could turn off the phone’s auto screen lock temporarily, so that Arc can stay in the foreground.

The same as above will be happening with the daily GPX exports. iOS won’t be allowing Arc to run the task for long enough to get it finished each day. However once the backups are up to date, that should leave more background tasks time for the GPX exports task to finish. So hopefully fixing one will fix the other.