Arc as an iOS Health source for cycling

Should Arc feed cycling activity data into iOS Heath? It’s present as a source in Health but shows as inactive. I classified an activity yesterday as cycling in Arc. Should this work? Do I need to do something?

I’ve just spotted Cycling data not written to Health - #2 by earthsaver and selected the Save to Apple Health option but it’s now been displaying “Saving…” for 20 minutes which doesn’t feel right for an hour’s bike ride?

Hmm, maybe Arc hasn’t got permission to write that kind of data to HealthKit.

Check in your phone’s Settings → Privacy → Health → Arc, to make sure Arc has permission to write Workouts, Workout Routes, and … I wonder if it’ll also get blocked by not having permission to write Active Energy or Heart Rate. I don’t think so, but there’s no harm in enabling those too. (Arc doesn’t create or record any energy use or heart rate data itself. It just checks for existing data within the workout’s time period, and associates it with the workout, for tidiness’s sake).

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Many thanks, you were right and I hadn’t thought to check my Privacy settings!

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