How to import from Apple Health?

I’m a new user and would like to import previous health data. I’m actually surprised that it didn’t automatically pull it in like other apps have in the past. I have the HealthFit app, which does an excellent job of exporting my health data in various formats. What’s the best way/format to import my data into Arc?

Hi @billchase2!

In the next major update it will be possible to import workout routes (eg walking, running, cycling etc) from HealthKit (the Health app) into Arc, on a case by case basis.

Arc doesn’t do this automatically for a few reasons:

  1. For privacy reasons, HealthKit (or iOS in general) doesn’t store historical location data outside of recorded workouts. So for that reason there isn’t actually anything for Arc to import, in most cases. The data just isn’t there.
  2. The location data that HealthKit does have, in recorded workouts, is limited to lat/long coordinates and altitude. Arc records (and relies on) a bunch of extra data, such as accelerometer data and step cadence. That extra data is necessary for Arc to be able to auto detect activity types (eg distinguish between running and cycling, cycling and car, etc).
  3. Arc works best when there is continuous all day data, without gaps. A daily timeline should encompass everywhere you went, and the trips between. HealthKit workout route data is discrete data for isolated periods of the day, with many hours between. If Arc tried to build timeline views for days before Arc was installed, it would be broken lists of disconnected workouts, with nothing between. It wouldn’t really serve any purpose, and would be no more useful than what you can already get in the Health app (or in HealthFit).

Other apps that import historical HealthKit data aren’t primarily looking for location data. I also use HealthFit - it’s a great app! - but that kind of app is intended for giving analysis of the data that HealthKit does have, while Arc is all about recording and analysing the kinds of data that HealthKit doesn’t have.

I hope that helps to explain!