Does Arc shows workout from apple health

Does Arc shows workout recorders by Apple health in that location? Like it shows which songs were played at particular location through

yes, you can try one walking and will see

I mean if i go to gym and my apple watch record that workout in health app. Then in Arc at “gym” location can i see the workout there?
Is there any setting for this or theres no such option as of now

Are you not seeing that workout inside ARC? See the image that I do 2 workout and one inside running in my home, and it shows uder the heart rate section.
You might neet to go to APPLE HEALTH and check if you give Arc app the health read permission.

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Yep, what @o1x said :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Check in your phone’s Settings → Privacy → Health → Arc, and make sure Arc has permission to read all the types listed in there.

Aside: Arc doesn’t need write permission for any types, only read, but there’s an iOS quirk where even though the app doesn’t ask for write permission, iOS still shows the toggle to grant write permission :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes i can see workouts. I didnt gave proper permission earlier

Thanks guys

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Hello all,

I think I might have the same question, or at least a related question to this which is why I am posting here.

I am not able to see any of my workouts in Arc, even though I have all permission on in the Health app. Has anyone else had this issue?

EDIT for extra info:

  • I have only Swarm and in my integrations page (I assume this is normal).
  • Motion and Fitness is turned on in the Arc settings.

Hi @cheapshot ! Check in your phone’s Settings → Privacy → Health → Arc. Make sure all the options listed there are toggled on.

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Ah, I see it now. Sorry, it was all just me not looking properly. Sorry for the confusion :pray:

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