Cycling data not written to Health

(Before posting I searched for previous topics on this problem, but couldn’t find a mention of “cycling”. So I created this new topic.)

The past weeks I’ve noticed my cycling data isn’t written to Apple Health. My Arc timeline indicates the difference between walking and cycling. My daily activity summary shows correct toals. But the data doesn’t appear in the Apple Health app. All write and read permissions are set to active; I triple checked over the course of several days.

I was expecting the Arc data to appear in Apple Health.

  • Is this expectation correct? → What might I be doing wrong?
  • Is this expectation incorrect? → How can I fix this?

PS: I’m coming from the app which shut down in December 2020. Before that I used Moves.

The current version of Arc doesn’t automatically write cycling data to Health. I think this is in part because it requires confirmation and/or some segments might need to be corrected. You must tap on each Cycling segment, scroll down, and “Save workout to Apple Health.”


Excellent answer. Thank you @earthsaver. I’ve done this for my rides and it works as expected.

One new feature that would improve this experience is a toggle on/off choice to auto-write this data to Health.

Thanks @earthsaver! That’s exactly correct.

Arc intentionally doesn’t automatically save workouts to Health, because there’s a chance it’s not correct, and it can easily make a big mess of your Health data.

When I was building the HealthKit connection functionality I tested a bunch of apps that did it automatically, and it was a nightmare. I spent more time doing cleanup in Health app than I did in Arc. So it made sense to not have Arc do the same and potentially make more mess to clean up.

I do however eventually want there to be an option to auto save-to-workouts under some conditions! For example if you cycle to work and back every day, and Arc knows the route with high confidence and gets it pretty much right on its own, then it would be great to have that auto saved, skipping the manual step.

One way to do that would be to have a toggle on the Trip Details view, to save “Auto save this route in future” or some such. Then as long as the ML classifier’s confidence is high enough for a recorded trip that matches that one, it could go ahead and save it automatically.

That would avoid cluttering up Health with potential random incorrect cycling trips recorded at other times, while still having the known “probably correct” ones auto saved.

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