Monthly / yearly summaries not updating

New dates seem to be added but it doesn’t seem to be going back and readding edited timelines

I’ve left it open overnight and it seems to finish all the scheduled summary update tasks but some trips from last week are clearly the wrong data type still

Weekly summary shows update,
Monthly does not
It says updates should have completed

The screenshots are of 10/16/21

For monthly/yearly map views, it’s the simpleItemUpdates task that you’ll want to watch for. In your screenshot it shows that one having completed 4 days ago.

Yeah so it adds new days but it doesn’t seem to go back and change edits

Screenshots from this morning

Hm, yeah, definitely looks like some SimpleItem updates have slipped through somehow. Weird.

You can probably trick it into queuing up the update again, by going into that timeline item and changing its type to something else, then back again, to bump the “last changed” date on the object.

Doesn’t seem to work :frowning: my monthly view is getting cluttered up by unconfirmed items if I don’t do it before plugging the phone in

I think it started after the last update but not entirely sure. It might also be the 15.2 beta, not sure they were around the same time

But it’s definitely still adding new days, I took a train ride last night and that got added in, I didn’t confirm the last section and it got added as running (circled to the right) but the bus ride I took a few days prior still shows up as a car (circle to the top left)

Hm, okay, I’ll try and see if I can replicate the problem here. It’s not something I’ve seen happening before, but I’ll do some testing to see if I can trigger it, then track down the cause. Thanks for the heads up!

If you need any logs feel free to ask for them

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In the interim if you can’t replicate this, is there anyway for me to clear the summaries to force a recalc?

Unfortunately not :disappointed:

I’m going to try to have another look into this shortly. There’s got to be some small logic fail in the code somewhere. I haven’t been able to replicate the problem on any of my test devices yet, so that makes it trickier. But sometimes just eyeballing the code a few times helps to spot the mistake.

If it’s a one-off you can probably ignore this, I decided to restore from backup after deleting the timeline summary folder

It might be coming from a bad integration with arc mini, I know at some point arc minin only recorded nolo data points which screwed up a lot of place data for a few weeks until I deleted it

Also I know that promoting an unupdated timeline would fix it in the main app if it shows up correctly in arc mini

Anyway restored from backup, not ideal since I’ll have to confirm everything again but it’ll force a recalc for the summary files

Sorry to bring this up again but I’m having the same issue

I just wanted to clarify something before resetting from a backup again

If you fix older stuff is that treated differently than new stuff in the simple items update?

This started after I went back through cleaning up basically all my data from 2020-2016 and after I did that new timeline updates aren’t updating when I fix, this could be explained if older simple item updates are processed differently than completely new items

There’s two passes to the SimpleItems updates task: 1) creating new SimpleItems for new data, and 2) updating existing SimpleItems to match changes in existing data.

When you view the monthly/yearly maps while the phone is plugged in to power, Arc will do 1, ie it will spot any missing SimpleItems and create them.

When Arc runs its daily background housekeeping tasks, it will do both 1 and 2. It sounds like iOS isn’t letting Arc finish running the background housekeeping task each day, so it’s fallen behind on updating existing SimpleItems.

Do you have Automatic Daily Exports turned on in Arc’s Backup settings? If so, I recommend temporarily turning that off, to reduce the amount of daily background task work required.

That could ease the load enough for iOS to get the SimpleItems updates finish. You could also try turning off Arc’s iCloud Drive Backups in those settings too. That would mean all the optional background housekeeping tasks are disabled, giving Arc the best chance to get the core ones finished each day.

You’d want to wait a few days at least after making those changes, to see if any progress is made.

Oh and it’s not ideal to turn on and off Arc’s iCloud Drive backups setting often. Each time you turn it off then on again, Arc acts as though it’s starting a new backup from scratch, so it’ll have a lot of work to catch up on, not realising that most of the backup is already there. But it’s worth a try at least, to see if you can trick iOS into letting the SimpleItem updates finish!

Ah thanks that makes sense I’ll keep that in mind for the future

I ended up deleting the app and restoring from iCloud after deleting the timelinerangesummary folder since it said that iCloud backups were completed that morning

Simple item creation is faster than waiting for the background task

I guess I should make the “on demand” pass (when you view monthly/yearly while plugged in to power) also do the updates of existing items. It feels like giving in to defeat a little bit, but iOS’s scheduled background tasks really can’t be relied on.