Ability to change units

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to change the units Arc uses to display data? It uses Miles for me, but I can really only make sense of metric units :grin:.

I’ve also set my region settings accordingly, but Arc does not appear to pick it up.

Region Settings:
Region: United Kingdom >
Calendar: Gregorian >
Temperature: °C >
Measurement System: Metric >
First Day of Week: Monday >

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Hi @Chrissie!

Unfortunately you’ve fallen into the UK units vs iOS settings trap. Arc uses the phone’s built in unit displaying system, which leaves the choice up to iOS itself. Though given there is thankfully now an iOS Settings option for explicitly choosing metric, it’s bizarre that it’s still choosing Imperial units for Arc! Not sure what that’s about. I’ll dig deeper and see if I can figure out what’s going on…

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the quick response. I should mention that I’m currently on iOS 16 Beta’s. But I’m also certain that Arc has been showing me Miles when I was still on iOS 15 General Releases.

Ooh that might be why I hadn’t seen that option to override the region to metric before! I’m also on iOS 16 beta, so I went to double check and saw it in mine too, and thought it must’ve been added in one of the iOS 15 releases. But perhaps it’s new to iOS 16.

Ok just double checked on an iOS 15 test device, and yep, in iOS 16 they’ve added explicitly override options for Measurement System, First Day of Week, and Date Format. Yay!

Now to figure out why it doesn’t “just work” in Arc.

Just checking in here, did you ever figure this out? I have my phone set to the US region with metric units, and I see miles in Arc.

Hi @milch!

Unfortunately no luck yet. I looked into the changes in iOS 16 and the related API, and it basically should be already working. But it isn’t.

There’s nothing in the iOS 16 changes that app developers should be changing their code to accommodate - it should just automatically work for all apps that use iOS’s built in unit displaying systems.

So… I’m back to this being something that Arc will have to take care of itself :man_shrugging:t2: Which means it’s still on the todos.