The glitches & random changes

Dear Matt

As I’m paying the annual subscription I do expect help when I require it.

Would you respond at your convenience to the following:

  1. Why has my app changed from miles to kilometres? It can’t be location based as ot only happened when I entered Kazakhstan….i couldn’t find an option to change it?

  2. The app sometimes albeit rarely shows the start and end time of an event…but mostly just the start time, this happens randomly…again I couldn’t find an option to change this…

  3. I’m sending you a screen recording, I can’t seem to add anane to the “stationary” event, ever time I do and go back into edit it’s still shows “stationary”

Thank you

Mazda Coupal

Hi @mazda_coupal!

Arc uses iOS’s built in distance displaying system, which chooses its units based on your phone’s system settings. Check in iOS Settings → General → Language & Region.

Tap on the times and they will toggle between showing only start time or both start and end time. Likely the reason you’ve seen it change is because you’ve tapped on the times when wanting to open the details view.

If a timeline item shows as “stationary” on the main timeline view, that means it’s still a Path item instead of a Visit item. If you go into the Edit view of that item and choose stationary again, it will be converted to a Visit, and you can then assign a Place to it.