Arc app does not follow iOS Measurement System settings

Starting iOS 16 Apple added ability for iOS users to set their preferred Measurement Systems, options are Metric, US and UK. However the Arc app doesn’t seems to respect that settings and still use imperial even I have Metric selected.

Upvote! Need this measure too. I set all default setting to Metric, and Arc still using US one.

Hi @extrawdw! This is actually an iOS bug. Arc is using iOS’s built in measurement displaying system, which automatically uses your system settings.

When you change either your locale/regional settings or your metric/imperial setting, all apps making use of this built in system immediately change to display measurements in appropriate units. Except with this new iOS 16 setting that’s not happening.

That then puts the burden on individual apps to add custom code for each measurement display, to check system settings - the exact thing these built in measurement display systems are meant to avoid.

So yeah, Apple gotta fix it. But in the meantime it’s already in my todos to add at least some custom handling for the most annoying cases in Arc. grumbles