Measurement system


iOS 16 has a setting in General > Language & Region for the Measurement System. I have mine set to Metric, but I still see all distances in feet, yards, and miles, which is pretty confusing to an European :slight_smile:

Hi @FiloSottile!

Arc uses iOS’s built in unit display APIs, so it should be automatically respecting the device’s region/locale config, as well as this new iOS 16 setting. In the past that has worked for all countries exception the UK, with its quirky metric/imperial hodgepodge.

The new setting in iOS 16 should make it possible for it to work automatically for all countries, but during the iOS 16 betas that didn’t happen. So presumably there’s new API I need to make use of. I’ve had that on my todos since the betas to look into why, but haven’t got round to it.

It surely should be a simple fix, so I’ve dropped the task into today’s todos. If all goes well the fix should be in the next update, which I’m hoping to have out within a couple of weeks.

Tangent: The next update is a massive one in terms of the underbelly of the app. No new UI planned, but the activity type classifier trees are in the process of being migrated from my hand crafted Naive Bayes to instead be Core ML boosted trees.

The accuracy is a significant step up, so it’s a release I’m really looking forward to! It means far fewer low confidence timeline item classifications, so far less confirm/correct cleanup required.