Weird layout issue when searching for a place

When there are photos associated with a place, the search field is being covered by the photos.

Hi @k4869!

Yeah, that’s an annoying layout bug that pops up in a few places. I think usually it’s triggered by opening the full map view then closing it again.

I really should have another attempt at finding the cause of it. Hopefully fixed in an update soon!

Oddly, it just popped up on the main timeline view for me. (Didn’t take a screenshot unfortunately.) I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it, but read these posts so tried opening the full map view on the main timeline then tapping to being the timeline back, and that did the trick! Interestingly, now when I go into a place and edit, the same overlap happens. But within this view, I can’t get rid of the overlap via opening the full map view and closing again.

Edit: tried to close Arc and reopen to make it forget about the overlap but it’s still there! TBD if it persists for awhile.

I’ve been gradually working through rebuilding all of the UI code in SwiftUI instead of old UIKit. Which means I’ve been also chipping away at a bunch of old layout bugs like this. (Though also probably creating some new ones in the new SwiftUI code too :man_shrugging:t2:)

My hope is that as part of that ongoing “technical debt” project I’ll eventually find and fix this one! Although I’m pretty sure with a bit of fiddling I could find and fix it in the old UIKit code. But… the thought of fixing it by making all the old crufty code go away is much more appealing :sweat_smile:

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