What happened in 3.15?

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I just rolled in the latest release yesterday, but I already regret that, as it’s messy now, and don’t show my walks in the area with my dog any more.
If I click on Hjem(Home):

  1. It zooms out a lot (which makes no sense to me)
  2. If I then zoom in I can actually see my walk
  3. Still I only see Hjem

What happened here, as this use to work just fine?

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Hi @BDein!

That doesn’t look like something that’ll be related to the update. That looks like a Place having one or more Visits assigned to it incorrectly, causing the Place to update to have an extremely large radius (the orange circle on the map).

Tap into one of the Hjem visits then scroll down to “Place details”, then tap through to “Total visits” and scroll down that list until you find one or more visits that look wrong. As you scroll down the map will update to show the visible list items on the map, so you’ll be able to see which ones are in the wrong location.

Once that visit (or visits) are fixed, reassigned to their correct places, the Place model for Hjem will update and the problem will be solved. Although the Place model updates task might not get run by iOS until later in the day (possibly overnight, while the phone is plugged in to power).

Ok, that makes a lot of sense, though it all began after latest update.
I’ll give it a shot :+1:


That indeed helped :+1::+1::+1:

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